Nadav Kander’s exclusive nudes

Print may no longer be the mainstream medium of choice, but it’s still a star in the world of small-edition publishing. Last week, I wrote about Arkitip, which produces unique sets of magazines in collaboration with artists and others. And today marks the debut of the new issue of Nomenus Quarterly, which is published online and in a limited-edition print incarnation. Nomenus, which was founded by twenty-something Erik Madigan Heck (here’s a Cool Hunting interview with him), describes itself thusly:

Nomenus Quarterly is a collaborative publication and platform, working with artists of all mediums and disciplines within the worlds of fine art and fashion…. Nomenus was initially conceived as a location where commercial artists could be viewed in a more intimate and personal manner, focusing on the act of creation, and utilizing a more classical cannon [sic] of aesthetics.”

A lot of big, big people have contributed to Nomenus—the last issue, for example, featured Lucian Freud, Anselm Kiefer, Ann Demeulemeester, to name just a few. Everything you see in Nomenus was either made for the quarterly or is previously unpublished, and I can imagine how satisfying the printed version must be: They print 50 copies per issue, with original German etching prints bound in a numbered box, and all the printing is done by hand. Horacio Silva blogged about Nomenus this past summer, in a piece called “The World’s Most Expensive Magazine.”


A screen shot from, which sells Nomenus. Pictured is issue #3.



As the blogger Eleanor Weber writes at Raddest Right Now, issue #8 is also packed with big names and lots of fresh new art:

“100 original photographs from the personal diaries of David Armstrong; a series of nudes shot for Nomenus Quarterly by Nadav Kander; Valentino Couture photographed by Erik Madigan Heck; paintings from and an interview with artist Rachel Feinstein; original works on paper by cartoonist Jeff Brown; an interview with the French composer Alexandre Desplat; paintings and an interview with Gerhard Richter; and A.F. Vandevorst versus Arvo Pärt in a three-part film by Heck.”

Eleanor has posted samples at her blog, including these exclusive nudes by Nadav. They’re about as far away as you can get from the look and feel of his New York Times “Obama’s People” portraits, which nearly one year on are still as talked-about as ever. They’re also totally different from his China photos, which won him the Prix Pictet earlier this year. I could go on about how striking these are, but I think instead I’ll let them speak for themselves…


Photographs by Nadav Kander, from Nomenus Quarterly, issue #8.



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