Moab fine-art papers to sponsor Craig Cutler’s “CC52: The Exhibition”

Moab, a Legion Paper fine-art brand of digital inkjet paper, has just announced that it will be a sponsor of “CC52: The Exhibition,” supplying the paper on which Craig Cutler’s images are printed. “We’re thrilled to be a part of Craig’s latest project,” says Marc Schotland, VP of marketing and global development for Legion Paper, “and feel privileged that Moab was able to contribute in some small way to his vision.”

Jim Roselli, the owner of Xact Studios in New York City, will be printing the photos for the show and shared his thoughts with us on the announcement. “I’ve printed Craig’s exhibition prints numerous times,” he says. “As a fine-art printer, I need to be able to trust the surfaces that I use to print clients’ work. Several factors have gone in to choosing Moab as our principal product that I use for our most discerning clients. Color response and consistently high quality are paramount to achieving the results that I expect. We evaluate each image for tonal value, resolution, and dynamic range for the target substrate that the client requests.

“Knowing how the texture of the paper responds to image detail and ink sets are key elements to high-quality print work,” he continues. “Being very careful—in fact, surgical—with resizing, sharpening, and other adjustments is imperative to gain the most from any image/paper combination. Printing on Moab paper with the Epson 9900 UltraChrome HDR ink sets is a magical experience, to say the least.”

The reception for “CC52: The Exhibition,” presented by Stockland Martel, Industrial Color, and Chelsea Pictures, will be from 6 to 9 PM on Thursday, May 10, at Industrial Color. RSVP to View the complete CC52 at



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