Thank you to everyone who attended “CC52: The Exhibition” last night!

Stockland Martel thanks everyone who joined us last night at the reception for Craig Cutler‘s show, “CC52: The Exhibition.” We had received more than 700 RSVPs, and the turnout was as massive as we expected. Fortunately, Industrial Color—with its sprawling exhibition space, sweeping views of Manhattan, and massive terrace—could comfortably accommodate the crowd.

Many thanks also to Fela Cortes, Craig’s studio manager; Steve Kalalian, Jenny McClary, and all of our other friends at Industrial Color; Shelly Rangisyakul, who handled PR; DJ May Kwok, who provided the perfect soundscape; and Katya Arsenieva, Jerrett Wells, Marc Carlucci, Thiana Anderson, and the rest of the team here at Stockland Martel, who worked so hard to help make the event a success.

CC52 was an exceptionally dynamic project, and Craig and his team’s installation of the work really got that across. They featured his CC52 motion pieces in several different viewing areas and formats, pinned an entire wall with his sketches and visual research, and made thoughtful selections from among the 418 photographs, 72 sketches, and 17 short films Craig produced for CC52. There was a lot of material to take in, so their intelligent staging of the show was all the more important. We’ll have lots more installation shots and party photos to share with you very soon. The ones below are by Fiamma Piacentini.


Craig Cutler with photographer David Langley.



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    Man, I missed it! Would of been great to meet the SM family.

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