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I’m the creative director of Stockland Martel, a New York City–based agency that represents editorial and advertising photographers.

Walter Iooss photographs Boston Red Sox designated hitter David “Big Papi” Ortiz for The Players’ Tribune

          Read the article here.  

Actress Hailee Steinfeld is “Pitch Perfect” in Nino Muñoz’s cover shoot for Flare magazine


Jimmy Chin’s thrilling photos of professional adventure-sports athletes for Travel Alberta have been burning up Instagram

Jimmy Chin already had several hundred thousands followers on Instagram when Travel Alberta approached him about shooting a social media campaign promoting the breathtaking landscapes and experiences the region offers. But now that he has completed the campaign—a five-day shoot in the Canadian Rockies for which he called on fellow adventure-sports pros like Kalen Thorien, […]

Exceedingly rare emerald-cut diamond photographed by Nigel Cox for Sotheby’s


Walter Iooss photographs 20-year-old LPGA pro Lexi Thompson for the cover of Golf Digest

If you watched Saturday Night Live this past weekend, you probably recognize the image below: Walter Iooss‘ Golf Digest cover portrait of Lexi Thompson was featured in “Weekend Update.” Watch a behind-the-scenes video from Walter’s shoot with the LPGA star, whose fitness regimen includes landing a few solid punches in the ring, here. .   […]

Martin Sigal shoots moody cast portraits for the A&E series “The Returned”

In The Returned, people come back from the dead and resume their lives as if nothing happened, which naturally proves disturbing to those around them. A&E asked Martin Sigal to photograph portraits of the cast that capture the show’s spooky vibe. Here’s a look…      

Los Angeles exhibition “The Stand-Ins,” featuring Art Streiber and others, offers an amusing look at “the shot that comes before the shot”

For an exhibition now on view at Month of Photography Los Angeles, Los Angeles magazine photo director Amy Feitelberg decided to put a unique twist on the usual behind-the-scenes concept. Her group show, “The Stand-Ins,” features “the shot that comes before the shot”—the image that is made “before the celebrity stands on their mark, before […]

Guzman photograph sportscaster Jay Williams for his inspiring memoir, “Life Is Not an Accident”

Jay Williams was on track for a successful career with the NBA when he had a horrific motorcycle accident that changed his life forever. He talks about his road to recovery, both physically and mentally, in his memoir, Life Is Not an Accident. “I talk about the power to reinvent yourself,” he told Men’s Health […]

Nino Muñoz photographs the versatile Tatiana Maslany as her multiple “Orphan Black” characters for the hit show’s season-three key art


Alpinist magazine publishes amazing Everest photo by Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin shot this stunning photo of two sherpas on the Western Cwm of Everest, an image that opens a feature called “Crazy Wisdom” in the new issue of Alpinist magazine. See more of Jimmy’s amazing adventure photography here.      


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