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Steven Lippman and his fellow surfers competing in the SurfAid Malibu Cup raise more than $127,000

Earlier this month at the SurfAid Malibu Cup, 12 teams of surfers banded together to raise more than $127,000 for SurfAid, a nonprofit humanitarian organization that works to improve the health, wellbeing, and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions. SurfAid’s health programs involve education in nutrition, hygiene, healthy environments and disease prevention, as well […]

“Dust,” Nadav Kander’s new exhibition and monograph, explores the radioactive ruins of secret cities on the border between Kazakhstan and Russia

. Nadav Kander‘s latest fine-art photo project, “Dust,” explores the vestiges of the Cold War through the radioactive ruins of secret cities on the border between Kazakhstan and Russia. An exhibition of the work opened last week at the Flowers Gallery in London, and Hatje Cantz has published a 128-page monograph featuring 50 color images […]

Jim Fiscus shoots trading-card-style portraits of Georgia’s fierce Classic City Rollergirls

If you’ve ever seen a women’s roller derby in person, you know there’s a lot of wit, grit, and might involved in putting on an awesome show—not to mention punny, pugilistic rollergirl names like Human Missile Crisis and Honey Boom Boom. But the women of Classic City Rollergirls in Athens, Georgia, raise the stakes even […]

In this short film, Melanie Acevedo asks kids what they want to be “When I Grow Up”

Melanie Acevedo cast a group of precocious kids for her short film “When I Grow Up” and shot portraits of them as part of the project. Here’s a look… . . .

“Sunglasses,” a new still-life series by Craig Cutler

. .

Scenes from Costa Rica’s Playa Grande, by Steven Lippman

Steven Lippman shot some gorgeous photos while vacationing recently with his wife and son at Costa Rica’s magical Playa Grande. Here are 10 highlights… . . .

Matthew Rolston’s “Talking Heads” exhibition makes some noise in Los Angeles

The opening reception early last month for the exhibition “Matthew Rolston: Talking Heads” was well received, drawing a crowd of collectors and celebrities (including Diane Keaton) alike. The show, at Diane Rosenstein Fine Art in Los Angeles, was also well received by the press. . . “The photographer’s striking, monumentally scaled portraits of ventriloquist dummies […]

“Fearless Genius” book signing and artist talk with Doug Menuez on July 10 at Peter Fetterman Gallery

The momentum behind Doug Menuez‘s “Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley 1985–2000″ seems to be simply unstoppable. The exhibition component of his groundbreaking project next travels to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, where it will be heralded with an invitation-only party on July 9 sponsored by Micron Technology. And on […]

Food stylist Michelle Gatton collaborates on photo series that makes “Invasive Species” look yummy

The media is abuzz about food stylist Michelle Gatton’s latest project: a most unusual collaboration with photographer Christopher Testani and art director Mason Adams. “Invasive Species: Envisioning the Future of American Food,” the trio’s photo series, features dishes made from critters like squirrel, earthworms, snails, and Canadian geese and has been covered by Fast Company, […]

A sneak peek at Guzman’s portrait series on Jivamukti yoga instructors

These two portraits of Alexandra, a yoga instructor at Jivamukti Yoga School, are part of an ongoing series that photo duo Guzman—Connie Hansen and Russell Peacock—have been shooting for Jivamukti for years. “The instructors at Jiva are from all walks of life—lawyers, artists, writers, actors, businesspeople, Wall Street,” explains Connie. “The school’s guiding statement in […]


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