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Walter Iooss’ Montauk: last dispatch till spring

Walter Iooss and his family are heading south for the winter, so this photo—which he took yesterday—will be his last Montauk dispatch for a few months… . . .

Walter Iooss’ Montauk

. .

Walter Iooss’ Montauk: August 8, 2012

. .  

Walter Iooss’ Montauk: Eva Iooss

. . .

Walter Iooss’ Montauk: 4th of July

. .

The return of Walter Iooss’ Montauk

Walter Iooss is back in Montauk for the season and once again sending us photos as he encounters them for his ongoing “Walter Iooss’ Montauk” series. Here’s a shot he took today, one from this past Saturday—and another from more than three decades ago… . . .

Walter Iooss’ Montauk: last dispatch of the season

. “Last dispatch from Montauk…12/27/11. The curtain closes until late April 2012. Cheers…” —Walter Iooss . .

Walter Iooss’ Montauk: moonrise over Cavett’s Cove

. .

Walter Iooss’ Montauk: September 24

The view from Walter Iooss‘ room at 6:45 Saturday night… . . .

Walter Iooss’ Montauk: Sunday, 9/11/11

. Woke up this morning to some photos from Walter Iooss in my inbox. “The curtain closes on the weekend of 9/11 in Montauk,” he wrote. .


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