Craig Cutler at his Apple store presentation last night: “I never look at things as what they really are.”

Photographer/director Craig Cutler and creative director Bill Oberlander were at the Apple store in Soho last night to discuss “The Creative Collaboration,” an APA Image Makers event that drew a full house. The two men—longtime friends and occasional collaborators—chose “Simple Is Hard” as their theme. Bill noted that it was appropriate that Apple was hosting […]

More party photos from “CC52: The Exhibition”

. . All photos by Fiamma Piacentini. . .

Thank you to everyone who attended “CC52: The Exhibition” last night!

Stockland Martel thanks everyone who joined us last night at the reception for Craig Cutler‘s show, “CC52: The Exhibition.” We had received more than 700 RSVPs, and the turnout was as massive as we expected. Fortunately, Industrial Color—with its sprawling exhibition space, sweeping views of Manhattan, and massive terrace—could comfortably accommodate the crowd. Many thanks […]

Don’t miss it: “CC52: The Exhibition” tonight at Industrial Color

RSVP if you haven’t already. It’s going to be a great night! . . . .

PDN: “Craig Cutler Just Keeps Shooting”

Meghan Ahearn, the managing editor of PDN, interviewed Craig Cutler about his “CC52″ project for a feature in the magazine’s May issue, and the article is available in its entirety to read online. Here’s a small excerpt from “Craig Cutler Just Keeps Shooting”: . In early 2011, commercial photographer Craig Cutler was ready to start […]

Celebrity DJ May Kwok to spin at “CC52: The Exhibition”

. We’re thrilled to announce that May Kwok, who is something of a celebrity in the competitive DJ world, has signed on to spin at Craig Cutler‘s upcoming show, “CC52: The Exhibition,” May 10 at Industrial Color. A native New Yorker, May has worked at some of the hottest events in the downtown scene, with […]

Moab fine-art papers to sponsor Craig Cutler’s “CC52: The Exhibition”

Moab, a Legion Paper fine-art brand of digital inkjet paper, has just announced that it will be a sponsor of “CC52: The Exhibition,” supplying the paper on which Craig Cutler’s images are printed. “We’re thrilled to be a part of Craig’s latest project,” says Marc Schotland, VP of marketing and global development for Legion Paper, […]

Official trailer for “CC52: The Exhibition.” Plus: An interview with CC52 motion editor Bernice Gonzalez.

. . Go here or on the screenshot below to read Industrial Color‘s interview with Bernice Gonzalez, who edited the motion pieces Craig Cutler created for CC52. . . .

Craig Cutler talks CC52 with Alison McCreery of Photographers on Photography

Alison McCreery recently lassoed Craig Cutler for an in-depth Q&A on his project CC52, for which he produced personal work every week for a year. She asked him about everything from the challenges of the project to why he chose to shoot nude mascots. Below is Alison’s introduction to the Q&A. Read the rest here. […]

You’re invited: “CC52: The Exhibition”

The time is here at last: Craig Cutler has just completed his project CC52, for which he created personal work every week for a year. (View the whole series at To celebrate, Stockland Martel has teamed up with Industrial Color and Chelsea Pictures to present “CC52: The Exhibition.” The show will be hosted by […]


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