Lauren Greenfield to lecture April 17 at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland

On Thursday, April 17, at the Portland offices of award-winning ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, Photolucida is presenting “Lauren Greenfield—From Gordon Gekko to The Queen of Versailles: A Journey in Pictures, Film, and Culture.” The lecture is sponsored by Canon Explorers of Light. Lauren, who is working on a major museum exhibition and retrospective book titled Wealth: […]

Three images by Lauren Greenfield to be published in American Photography’s 30th anniversary annual

Congratulations to Lauren Greenfield, whose work has been selected for publication in the new edition of American Photography. Three of Lauren’s photos were chosen, an impressive number considering that more than 9,000 images were submitted and only 357 were selected to appear in the book. The jury included David Carthas, director of photography at Bloomberg […]

Lauren Greenfield on directing Liberty Mutual’s Olympics commercial featuring freestyle skier Heidi Kloser

Overcoming setbacks is the theme of Liberty Mutual’s Rise campaign, which features the inspiring comeback stories of notable Olympic athletes. But with all due respect to featured Olympians like Picabo Street and Jessica Jerome, perhaps no Rise story is as dramatic as that of Heidi Kloser. The Team USA freestyle skier was on her way […]

Lauren Greenfield featured in The New York Times Magazine’s Voyages Issue

The New York Times Magazine‘s annual Voyages Issue, which was published on Sunday, includes a feature on “Where the World’s Greatest Photographers Go to Get Away.” It’s a wonderful collection of vacation photos by well-known image makers, including the one below by Lauren Greenfield taken in Galway, Ireland. She and her family visit the fishing […]

Lauren Greenfield shoots stills, directs commercials for #trulyrich Chevy Malibu campaign

The campaign for the 2014 Chevy Malibu offers food for thought about how we use social media to tell the story of our lives. Comprising a two-minute film and eight 15-second spots directed by Lauren Greenfield, it encourages people to savor life exactly as it is, without cropping and filtering it into so-called perfection. “The […]

Lauren Greenfield photographs fashion-world billionaire Renzo Rosso for W magazine

Lauren Greenfield continues her exploration of the subject of wealth with her latest editorial assignment for W magazine: photographing Renzo Rosso, president of OTB, which owns Diesel, among other lucrative fashion brands. Lauren photographed the 57-year-old “hard-partying, trash-talking billionaire bad boy” (in the words of W) at his home in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, and […]

Lauren Greenfield shoots “So You Want to Be a Princess” story for Cosmopolitan magazine

Grown women are paying big bucks for a taste of the fairy-tale princess life as packaged by Disney World, reports Cosmopolitan, which commissioned Lauren Greenfield to take us into the world of these frill seekers for its August issue. Here’s a look… . . .

Lauren Greenfield goes to Monaco to shoot “the fast and the fashionable” for ESPN The Magazine

For a feature titled “Laps of Luxury,” ESPN The Magazine sent Lauren Greenfield to Monaco to photograph the Grand Prix, “the most exclusive sports event in the world.” Below, some of the photos that the magazine selected for “The Fast and the Fashionable,” an online gallery of Lauren’s photos, as well as the tearsheets from […]

Lauren Greenfield photographs the new Iceland for GEO magazine

GEO magazine commissioned Lauren Greenfield to photograph the new Iceland that is slowly and steadily emerging four years after its economy collapsed. The country is regaining strength, and in the process it is reevaluating its core values. “A change in moral character has accompanied the economic lift, expressed through a desire to return to Iceland’s […]

Lauren Greenfield photographs L.A. socialites the Kayne sisters for W magazine

Lauren Greenfield photographed Los Angeles socialites the Kayne sisters—Jenni, Maggie, and Saree—for the new issue of W magazine. Read the profile here. . . .


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