From the archives: Amber Heard by Matthew Rolston

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Wired interviews Matthew Rolston about his portraits of ventriloquist dummies

More than a year after being published by Pointed Leaf Press, Matthew Rolston‘s coffee table book Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits continues to beguile the press. Most recently, Wired interviewed Matthew about the project, which features his large-scale color portraits of vintage ventriloquist dummies that reside at the Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell, […]

The 20 most popular photos on Stockland Martel’s tumblr

Our tumblr, which features new and archival images by our photographers, is about a year old now, so it’s a good time to take a look at which photos have best connected with our audience there. Each of the images below has so far garnered at least 75 notes, with the most popular photo set […]

Presenting SMart Book 2014, our latest photo annual showcasing the work of the entire Stockland Martel roster

SMart Book 2014, our new photo annual, is hot off the presses and was recently shipped to our clients and colleagues in the creative industry. Designed by Design: MW and printed by GZD in Germany, it showcases images—and new self-portraits—by the entire Stockland Martel roster. We’re very proud of the book and even more proud […]

From the archives: Adam Levine by Matthew Rolston

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Matthew Rolston’s “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” screens at SF Shorts: The San Francisco International Festival of Short Films

. An aging actress, troubled by the loss of her youth and beauty, contemplates suicide in the privacy of her dressing room in photographer/director Matthew Rolston‘s thought-provoking short film The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. The movie, which premiered last year at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, screened last Saturday at the Roxie […]

Stuart Elliott’s “Advertising” column in The New York Times spotlights Matthew Rolston’s latest R-ROLL production

When Matthew Rolston conceived the rock & roll theme of sbe Entertainment’s boutique hotel brand the Redbury in Hollywood, it proved to be an instant hit. So it’s no surprise that sbe asked Matthew to help develop the hotel’s new cutting-edge, Web-based marketing campaign, which Stuart Elliott of The New York Times recently chronicled in […]

Matthew Rolston photographs actor Taye Diggs and his son, Walker, for “Got milk?” ad

Matthew Rolston shot actor Taye Diggs and his 3 1/2-year-old son, Walker, for a new Got milk? ad that’s now appearing in a magazine near you. “Being able to shoot the Got Milk? ad with my son was one of the better times in life just because, obviously, the ad is going to last forever,” […]

Creative luminaries voice their support of Matthew Rolston’s “Talking Heads” in NYC

. Renowned New York–based interior designer Richard Mishaan is used to boldfaced names visiting his chic University Place retail emporium, Homer. But last Wednesday evening, there was an unusually high concentration of luminaries on hand as Mishaan hosted a private party in honor of Matthew Rolston and his new book, Talking Heads: The Vent Haven […]

The photos that caught your eye

The Stockland Martel Blog turned 4 this spring, so we thought it would be fun to look back at the posts that attracted the most views over the years. But instead of a list of links, our retrospective takes the form of the gallery below. Click on any image to view the whole thing as […]


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