Matthias Clamer shoots key art and publicity for the FX comedy “Man Seeking Woman”

FX commissioned Matthias Clamer to shoot key art and publicity images for Man Seeking Woman, which the network describes as “a sweet and surreal look at the life-and-death stakes of dating.” It stars Jay Baruchel as the man in question, who soldiers through one-night stands, painful breakups, and…a blind date with a troll, which Matthias […]

Hair metal inspires Matthias Clamer’s latest “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” shoot

For last year’s season of the FXX hit It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Matthias Clamer channeled Swedish cinematic auteur Ingmar Bergman. This time out, he took his inspiration from…hair metal. Rock on. . .

Six faces of Nick Kroll: Matthias Clamer’s “group shot” for “Kroll Show”

Matthias Clamer shot the key art for the third and final season of the Comedy Central series Kroll Show, in which comedian Nick Kroll plays many different characters—male, female, old, young—a range that Matthias captured in his photograph. “Nick’s in the shot six times,” he says. “The picture is loosely a spoof of a famous […]

We are entertainment: 19 recent movie and TV campaigns by Stockland Martel photographers

Featuring work by Matthias Clamer, Jim Fiscus, Nadav Kander, Steven Lippman, Jeff Lipsky, Michael Muller, Nino Muñoz, and Art Streiber… . . .

Matthias Clamer’s beautiful, bizarre key art for the hit FX series “American Horror Story: Freak Show”

FX commissioned Matthias Clamer to shoot the key art for its hit series American Horror Story: Freak Show, which premiered yesterday, and the images are strange, stunning, and utterly unforgettable. Scroll to the bottom to see a brief behind-the-scenes video from Matthias’ shoot. . . . .

Matthias Clamer shoots key art for the new season of fantasy-football-inspired series “The League” showing the cast riding, what else, a unicorn

. .

Matthias Clamer shoots key art and publicity images for the new FX series “Tyrant”

The FX network recently commissioned Matthias Clamer to photograph the key art and publicity images for its new series Tyrant—executive produced by Howard Gordon, co-creator of the Showtime hit series Homeland—about a ruling family in a turbulent Middle Eastern nation. He shot the poster art in the Saharan desert in Tunisia and the cast portraits […]

Matthias Clamer on making a heat wave look like autumn for a recent FX publicity shoot

Matthias Clamer recently shot key art and publicity images for the critically acclaimed FX comedy series The League, but as is often the case, the weather in Southern California did not jibe with the chilly Midwestern concept for the imagery. “This shoot happened on a 103 Fahrenheit day on a field in the Valley, but […]

Mick Fleetwood as photographed by Matthias Clamer and Annabel Mehran

It’s always interesting to see how different photographers shoot the same person. Below, a group of portraits of musician Mick Fleetwood from a 2012 Playboy magazine shoot by Matthias Clamer, and a set of portraits by Annabel Mehran shot the year before that for Purple magazine. . . .  

Matthias Clamer shoots publicity images for the FX series “Fargo”

FX sent Matthias Clamer on location to snowy Calgary to shoot publicity images for its new series Fargo, an original adaptation of the Oscar-winning 1996 Coen Brothers movie. The shoot took place over three long, frigid days. “My crew was mummified in winter outfits,” laughs Matthias. . . .


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