Salton Sea landscapes by John Midgley

The storied Salton Sea, a shallow lake on the San Andreas Fault in California, has for years attracted storytellers and imagemakers of all stripes because it symbolizes unbridled optimism (let’s have a lake in the middle of the desert!) and inexorable decay (a salinity level that is nearly inhospitable to fish, algae blooms from fertilizer […]

More International Photography Awards: the Honorable Mentions

Last week, I wrote about the Stockland Martel photographers who took 1st Place at this year’s IPAs. This week, let’s take a look at the photographers from our roster who received Honorable Mentions: Fulvio Bonavia, Jim Fiscus, Rolph Gobits, Lauren Greenfield, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Nadav Kander, John Midgley, Michael Muller, John Offenbach, Martin Sigal, and Luca […]

New work: John Midgley shoots at the Salton Sea for 125 magazine

. The new issue of 125, a twice-yearly London-based specialty photo magazine, centers on a really big theme—specifically, America—and features a story shot by John at the Salton Sea in California. . . “America to me meant settlers in a foreign land,” John explains. “I myself am a European transplant, and I’m curious about this […]


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