Steven Lippman photographs “Masters of Sex” star Lizzy Caplan for the cover of Malibu magazine

  credits photographer: Steven Lippman executive producer: Jason Rouse production manager: Michelle Marcus stylists: Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson/The Wall Group hair: Christian Marc/Forward Artists makeup: Jamie Greenberg/The Wall Group manicurist: Tracy Clemens/Opus Beauty photo assistants: Ricky Lesser and Trevor Pikhart digi tech: Elizabeth McAlevey

Steven Lippman’s new portrait series showcases the people who help make the SurfAid Cup possible

The nonprofit humanitarian organization SurfAid works to improve the health, well-being, and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions. Last month, at the 2015 Surfaid Cup in Malibu, California, the organization raised more than $160K for the cause. Below, a series of portraits of the athletes, volunteers, and SurfAid ambassadors who helped make that event […]

See more of Steven Lippman’s key art for season two of Showtime’s hit series “The Affair”

  See the key art and publicity images that Steven shot for season 1 here.  

Head trip: Steven Lippman, graffiti icon Risk, New York artist Kenny Scharf, and others create mixed-media artwork on skulls for group exhibition at new LA gallery

  Buckshot Gallery in Santa Monica, California, is hosting a reception tomorrow, October 17, for “Noche de Calaveras,” a show featuring mixed-media works on skulls. The style: a mashup of urban and fine art. The concept: an exploration of the celebration of death. The exhibition was curated by L.A. graffiti legend Risk, who founded the […]

Please join Steven Lippman in Montauk this weekend for A Walk on Water’s 1st Annual East Coast Celebration

  For years, the federally recognized nonprofit organization A Walk on Water has been devoted to providing free water therapy to special-needs kids by way of guided surf instruction. And it’s an inspiring sight to behold. At regularly scheduled events held in California, skilled volunteer surfers give these children the chance to experience the thrill […]

Steven Lippman’s underwater shoot for Women’s Health featured by A Photo Editor

Many thanks to Heidi Volpe of A Photo Editor for featuring Steven Lippman‘s recent—and for interviewing photo director Sarah Rozen about the project. “We wanted to shoot activewear bathing suits fashion in a very graphic and sporty way, so approached Steven with the idea,” Rozen tells Volpe in the post. “Steven loves the water, […]

Steven Lippman shoots Kama’s fall collection, directs fashion video. Plus: Watch a behind-the-scenes video

      credits photographer/director: Steven Lippman producer: Franny Legge/Seamless Productions production coordinator: Emily Beene/Seamless Productions wardrobe stylist: Yohanna Logan wardrobe assistant: Erica Mer hair/makeup artist: Giovanni Giuliano hair/makeup assistant: Elena prop stylist: David Ross/Sets and Props Unlimited models: Chris Brown and Maxine Schiff, both of Wilhelmina lighting tech: Noah Schutz photo assistant: Sasha Popovic […]

Go behind the scenes of Steven Lippman’s key-art shoot for season two of Showtime’s award-winning series “The Affair”

Showtime commissioned Steven Lippman to photograph the key art for season two of its infidelity drama The Affair, which premieres October 4. Scroll down to watch a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, and click here to revisit the evocative key art that Steven shot for season one of the award-winning series.    

In “Wet Suits,” shot by Steven Lippman for the Black Tux, hot guys hang 10 while wearing, that’s right, a tuxedo

The Black Tux is a sharp new rental-tuxedo company that offers tailored tuxes with a precision fit at wallet-friendly prices, putting an end to the lumpy, overpriced formalwear of days gone by. As GQ puts it, “The Black Tux has come to rescue guys from tux-rental hell.” In a summer-themed story shot in Malibu, Steven […]

Steven Lippman takes to the ocean to photograph the season’s most breathtaking activewear bathing suits for Women’s Health


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