Tobias Hutzler photographs the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin for Fast Company’s “The Future Is Now” feature

Tobias Hutzler photographs Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman for the cover of Variety

Variety‘s November 1 cover story looks at the ways in which Viacom is leveraging the skills of data scientists to help marketers increase the value of their ad buys. As the magazine notes of the conglomerate, whose cable networks have been home to stars ranging from Jon Stewart to Johnny Knoxville, the talent of this […]

Time magazine features Tobias Hutzler’s photos of the “Elaborate Hindu Dances of Navratri”

Time‘s popular photo blog, Lightbox, this week published a portfolio of Tobias Hutzler‘s photographs offering a unique perspective of the garba, a complex dance performed during the Hindu festival of Navratri in the Indian state of Gujarat. “Traveling across Gujarat during the celebrations in 2014, Hutzler abandoned the street and climbed atop water tanks and […]

Tobias Hutzler on “Photographing the Pope From a Different Vantage Point” for Time magazine

Time magazine chose Tobias Hutzler for the incredible assignment of photographing Pope Francis during his recent visit to the United States, a project that involved not only an intense level of security checks and careful preparation but also the daunting task of capturing compelling images of an event that was being widely photographed by the […]

Tobias Hutzler photographs ad campaign for Mercedes’ amazing new driverless car

The new Mercedes-Benz F 015 is an ultra-modern, super-sleek driverless car—a shapely steel icon of the future that is now. And the campaign promoting it is just as innovative. German ad agency Antoni is responsible for the breathtaking creative, and Tobias Hutzler is the photographer behind the stunning images—which were produced in camera. “We created […]

Professional Photographer magazine features Tobias Hutzler’s aerial photography

In its October issue, Professional Photographer takes note of Tobias Hutzler‘s aerial photographs, an ongoing body of work that he’s produced in New York but that are not about the city per se. “I try to get to the core,” he tells the magazine. “To focus on the people, on their joy, on what they […]

Tobias Hutzler photographs artist Stanley Whitney’s thrilling abstract painting “My Name Is Peaches” at the Studio Museum in Harlem for The New Yorker

  Read “Shapes and Colors,” by Peter Schjeldahl, here.  

Tobias Hutzler joins Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail for The New York Times Magazine

What an amazing assignment—The New York Times Magazine asked Tobias Hutzler to photograph Hillary Clinton along the campaign trail for a July 19 cover story on the 2016 presidential candidate. Tobias, who previously photographed Chris Christie for the magazine, traveled with Clinton and her security detail to Vermont, New Hampshire, and Missouri. His mission was […]

You’re invited: Experiential exhibition NOWNY15 opens in NYC July 16, featuring work by Tobias Hutzler, Annabel Mehran, and other exceptional image makers

Stockland Martel is pleased to invite followers of our blog to NOWNY15, an experiential exhibition featuring work by Tobias Hutzler, Annabel Mehran, and other exceptional image makers. The show will take place Thursday, July 16, at 7 p.m. at Jack Studios in New York City and is being presented by In-Haus. It will also feature […]

For your viewing pleasure: scenes of summer. Enjoy the long weekend!



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