Art Streiber makes a conference room look like a movie theater for his Wired U.K. portrait of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

For the February issue of Wired U.K., Art Streiber was asked to shoot portraits of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, one of which had to look like Hastings was sitting in an empty movie theater. The challenge was that there was no theater—only a conference-room amphitheater with five measly seats. As Art explains on his Instagram […]

Art Streiber takes us behind the scenes of his cover shoot for Wired’s feature on Disney Animation Studios’ blockbuster comeback

. The November issue of Wired tells the story of how the creative masterminds behind Pixar revived Disney Animation Studios, a onetime standard-bearer that had gone into a steep decline. Not only did Pixar’s John Lasseter and Ed Catmull bring Disney Animation back to life, they restored it to powerhouse status with movies like the […]

Wired interviews Matthew Rolston about his portraits of ventriloquist dummies

More than a year after being published by Pointed Leaf Press, Matthew Rolston‘s coffee table book Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits continues to beguile the press. Most recently, Wired interviewed Matthew about the project, which features his large-scale color portraits of vintage ventriloquist dummies that reside at the Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell, […]

Nadav Kander photographs Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, for Wired U.K.

Nadav Kander recently photographed famed British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee, who created the World Wide Web and in doing so changed the lives of practically every single person on the planet, for the March issue of Wired U.K. Nadav worked with art director Andrew Diprose and picture editor Steve Peck. Here’s a look… . . […]

Vote for your favorite magazine covers by Nino Muñoz, Art Streiber, and Michael Muller

The American Society of Magazine Editors is inviting everyone to vote for their favorite magazine covers in the category of Celebrity and Entertainment, including the below covers: Josh Hutcherson for Out, Adam Levine for People, and Gwyneth Paltrow for People, both by Nino Muñoz; Jonah Hill for American Way by Michael Muller; and Rod Stewart […]

Nadav Kander photographs Bill Gates and former president Bill Clinton for Wired magazine

Wired asked Nadav Kander to make portraits of Bill Gates and former president Bill Clinton in New York, where the two men were in town for a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative on September 23. The portraits accompanied an interview with Gates and Clinton on “the future of global health, the vanguard of philanthropy, […]

Profoto blog goes behind the scenes of Art Streiber’s “Star Wars” cover shoot for Wired

. Many thanks to Marisa Gertz for her terrific piece on Art Streiber and his Star Wars–themed cover shoot for Wired, published today on the Profoto blog. “If you ever need to shoot a theater full of Stormtroopers,” she writes in the introduction, “you know who to call: Art Streiber, master of crazy lighting setups […]

Biotech expert Andrew Hessel and crime futurist Marc Goodman don biohazard suits for Art Streiber’s recent Wired U.K. cover shoot

You gotta love a portrait subject who’s up for anything. For a Wired U.K. cover story on DNA hacking, biotech expert Andrew Hessel and crime futurist Marc Goodman each pulled on a bright-yellow biohazard suit and gamely posed for Art Streiber. “It was tricky keeping our subjects breathing in sealed biohazard suits, without the benefit […]

Art Streiber on shooting Wired’s “Star Wars” cover. Plus: behind-the-scenes video

The new issue of Wired has Star Wars in its sights—and on its cover, which features a foldout portrait shot by our own Art Streiber. The story—introduced by comedian Chris Hardwick—details the many things (74, to be exact) that the next installment of the beloved sci-fi saga must include, alongside Art’s photos of Star Wars […]

Wired commissions Art Streiber to photograph “extreme entrepreneuer” Elon Musk, who dreams of building a colony on Mars

“When a man tells you about the time he planned to put a vegetable garden on Mars, you worry about his mental state. But if that same man has since launched multiple rockets that are actually capable of reaching Mars—sending them into orbit, Bond-style, from a tiny island in the Pacific—you need to find another […]


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