NYC gallery owners launch study center for fine-art photography

I was really excited to read Lisa Kereszi‘s post about The Exhibition Lab at Daylight Magazine‘s blog. The lab, which will offer classes, seminars, and portfolio reviews aimed at fine-art photographers, was established by Michael Foley of Foley Gallery and Sasha Wolf of Sasha Wolf Gallery.

Here’s a bit more about it, courtesy of the lab’s website:


“The Exhibition Lab will provide a vibrant modern-day salon for artists, scholars and others who are interested in engaging the world’s diverse and vital photography community through the gateway of New York City.

Classes, in the form of seminars, workshops and semester-long courses, will be offered on subjects geared to practitioners of the medium  as well as to those in the academic community. …

Classes will be small in size to encourage participation and interaction. The overarching goal of the Ex Lab, in addition to imparting knowledge and fostering dialogue, is to provide fine art photographers with a ‘home base,’ a place of learning, discourse and community. In addition to its schedule of classes, the Lab will host regular panel discussions followed by informal receptions to encourage further interaction amongst students and speakers.”


The banner from The Exhibition Lab's website.


The offerings are pretty affordable, too. You can take a class on self-portraiture, for instance, with Elinor Carucci for just a hundred bucks. And there are practical classes, too, which tend to be harder to come by—like “Developing Your Voice:  Editing, Sequencing and Re-editing,” with Jon Feinstein, a curator and founder of the Humble Arts Foundation.

They’ve also lined up a portfolio review with Stacey Clarkson, art director at Harper’s; Russell Lord, a fellow in the Department of Photographs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Michael Foley; Tracey Norman, director of the Yancey Richardson Gallery; and Sasha Wolf.

And based on this partial list of current faculty, there will be lots more good stuff happening at The Exhibition Lab…


Peter Berberian, Owner, Printer, Gotham Imaging

Susan Bright, Curator, Writer

Sean Corcoran, Curator, Museum of the City of New York

Jessica Dimmock, Photographer

Nima Etemadi, Assistant Editor, Aperture (books & magazine)

Peter Kayafas, Photographer

Joanna Lehan, Book Editor & Essayist

Matthew Pillsbury, Photographer

Kira Pollack, Director of Photography, Time Magazine

Gerald Slota, Photographer

Ryan Speth, Owner, Printer, Gotham Imaging

Amy Stein, Photographer



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