Outside mag presents “Michael Muller’s Great White Sharks”

Michael Mullercelebrity and entertainment photographer, adventurer, and cofounder of Kids Clicking Kids—has a new personal project: photographing great white sharks. Outside magazine, for whom Michael most recently shot climber/skier/photographer Jimmy Chin, is currently featuring an interview with Michael and a shark gallery at its website.

“With so many famous faces and remote places in his quiver, you might think it would be hard to pick a gallery that stands out,” outsideonline.com explains in the introduction to “Michael Mullers’ Great White Sharks.” “It is, so we went with his latest groundbreaking project, photos of the world’s biggest sharks. Turns out, that many-toothed monstrosity of a project grew out of a simple and innocent childhood prank.”

You’ll find the interview here. To view the gallery, click here or on the image below.


"We wanted to bring the studio underwater," Michael tells Outside magazine. "Or, I wanted to bring the great white into the studio, right? So I started looking to find some good strong lights. And you know, they didn’t exist. And I was like, 'Oh, OK.' So I set out and started meeting people and getting ripped off and having people build stuff that didn’t work and almost gave up. Then I hooked up with these two guys. And they said, 'Here’s a solution.' And now I have 1200-watt waterproof strobe lights." Click on the image to see more at outsideonline.com.

Michael Muller at work in the deep. Photo courtesy outsideonline.com.


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    Just stunning. Bravo Michael.

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