New service offers expert portfolio reviews online

You know how the portfolio-review experience can be invaluable for improving your work but it’s sometimes hard to schedule the time and save the funds to attend a review? Creative consultant Allegra Wilde has joined forces with photographers Jesse Diamond and Micah Diamond to create Eyeist, a service that provides portfolio reviews online, making it possible to arrange a session with an expert in your area of interest using nothing more than your computer and an Internet connection.

Eyeist—whose tagline is “Create. Connect. Collaborate.”—doesn’t officially launch till January, but Allegra and her team are in the process of selecting reviewers, who are paid for their time. Among the industry pros they’ve recruited so far are magazine photo editors, curators, gallerists, industry consultants, and award-winning professional photographers. The advisory board, meanwhile, includes many familiar names, among them Hossein Farmani, Julie Grahame, Howard Greenberg, Rob Haggart, Todd Hido, Stella Kramer, Stephen Mayes, and Doug Menuez.


Allegra and her partners are continuing to meet with potential Eyeist reviewers who have significant experience critiquing photography. To that end, they’re giving two exclusive previews of Eyeist next week: from 6 to 8 PM on Tuesday, October 25th, and 6 to 8 Wednesday, October 26th, both at Neo Studios in New York City. The events are open to those who want to find out more about becoming a reviewer, as well as to the press. To attend, they ask that you RSVP at



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    Thank you Kristina, Bill + Maureen !
    For updates on Eyeist, please sign up at

    See you all at the preview…

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