The fight stuff: “Hunger Games” star Leven Rambin by Jorg Badura

Actress Leven Rambin takes aim at Jorg Badura's assistant on the set of a shoot for the April issue of Shape. Photos by Jorg Badura.


Actress Leven Rambin had to get in top form for her role in the highly anticipated action thriller The Hunger Games, and Shape magazine commissioned Jorg Badura to photograph just how mighty she is for its April issue. On set, Jorg—who is an athlete himself—wanted to give Leven time to warm up. He also wanted to show her looking strong but…“graceful.”

“And she was not into it,” Jorg says, admiringly. “So I said, ‘Okay, let’s see how you fight.’ And she snapped right into it.” He volunteered his assistant Nik to stand in as Leven’s pretend target. “Look at the gif—she gets so close to his chin!” says Jorg. “She’s working on a surf movie right now, and she’s in the water every day. She’s got these shoulders… She’s powerful as hell.”

Look for Jorg’s photographs of Leven Rambin in the April issue of Shape, and soon right here on the Stockland Martel blog.



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