New work: Danica Patrick by Art Streiber for ESPN The Magazine

Danica Patrick. Photo by Art Streiber for ESPN The Magazine, June 11, 2012, issue.


For the cover story of its June 11 issue, photographed by Art Streiber, ESPN The Magazine looks at NASCAR star Danica Patrick and her canny management of her brand. Below, an excerpt from the story, written by Janet Reitman, as well as video that features scenes from Art’s shoot with her:

“I’m particular,” she says. “I like things to be a certain way.” She is particularly particular about her image—the brand 00 and she loves photo shoots, she says, because she gets to direct the whole thing, including how and where she should stand and how her hair looks. It looks perfect, by the way—long, dark tresses gently curled and cascading halfway down her back—as does the rest of her. She’s attired head to toe in labels: a sequined black sleeveless top by BCBG, black J Brand jeans and taupe Miu Miu stilettos with a rose-color Balenciaga bag on her arm. Her brown eyes are highlighted with just the right amount of makeup, her skin is flawless, her arms toned, and on her wrist is a chunky platinum watch that looks like a $6,000 Rolex.

Except that it’s a $600 stainless steel Tissot. “One of my sponsors,” Danica explains. That means she wears the watch all the time, including at the photo shoot. She also donned, or at least held, her William Rast sunglasses—another sponsor, which also designed the blazer draped across her shoulders—so she could be photographed with them as well. “Every single aspect of myself,” she starts, and then stops. Whoops. What is she doing? Is she complaining? “Let me put it this way,” she continues carefully. “It’s all about trying to incorporate. It’s about trying to weave the web and keep everyone happy. And of course,” she smiles, “it’s about giving value to those people so they continue to sponsor me.” (Read the full story here.)


John Korpics, VP/Creative Director of Print and Digital Media
Karen Frank, senior photo editor
Stephanie Weed, photo editor
Art Streiber, photographer


Photos by Art Streiber for ESPN The Magazine.

Click to view ESPN The Magazine’s video piece on Danica Patrick, which features scenes from Art Streiber’s shoot with the NASCAR star.



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