Stockland Martel’s November/December newsletter: new work by Matthew Rolston, Nadav Kander, Lauren Greenfield, Art Streiber, Michael Muller, Jim Fiscus, Liz Von Hoene, and more

Welcome to Stockland Martel‘s November/December newsletter, featuring new work, news, interviews, and behind-the-scenes stories…


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Jim Fiscus on photographing the men of Duck Dynasty for A&E. READ.

Art Streiber on photographing Andie MacDowell and her daughters for Town & Country. READ.

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders photographs the new generation of voguers. SEE.

Matthew Rolston on photographing Daniel Craig for Rolling Stone. READ.

Q‘s picture director on his favorite music portraits by Matthias Clamer. READ.

Nadav Kander for Morgan Stanley.

Steven Lippman for RBC Bank.

Art Streiber for Chase.

Jan Steinhilber for Cadillac.

Michael Muller for Island Def Jam.

Melanie Acevedo for Jonathan Adler.

Doug Menuez for St. George’s University.

Matthias Clamer for FOX.

Liz Von Hoene for Target.

Tobias Hutzler for Hyundai.

Nadav Kander for Telegraph Magazine.

Lauren Greenfield for The New York Times Magazine.

Nino Muñoz for Numéro Tokyo.

Kwaku Alston for Prevention.

Jeff Lipsky for Delta Sky.


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