For the new issue of GQ, Art Streiber photographs the cast of “Silicon Valley” playing dodgeball and Kevin Hart in platform shoes. Plus, watch Art’s video Q&A with Hart

The comedy issue of GQ, which spotlights “The 15 Funniest People Alive,” features two shoots by Art Streiber: the cast and creator of the HBO series Silicon Valley in a dodgeball scenario and comedian Kevin Hart in three humorous setups: wearing platforms for the print edition and, for the tablet, wearing a custom grill in one portrait and dodging rotten tomatoes in another.

And that’s not all: For GQ’s online video channel, Art did a Q&A with Hart.

“I’ve been a fan of their comedy issue for years, and it was an absolute honor to contribute two shoots,” says Art.

“Kevin was a fantastic subject: He was incredibly game for all three of the concepts that we threw at him and elevated our concepts with his performance. He put on Nikes with 12-inch heels—after being fitted in a beautiful suit by celebrity menswear stylist Ashley Weston—he let us throw plastic tomatoes at him, and he wore a gold studded grill and smiled wide for the camera.”

Silicon Valley’s creator, Mike Judge, and cast were equally game, reports Art. “They donned retro-nerd gym wear, courtesy of stylist Michael Nash, and hurled dodgeballs at the camera, which my crew brilliantly protected with two up-ended folding tables.”

Nick Tortorici was the art director and set designer for both shoots. “He did a magnificent job creating a fake gymnasium for Silicon Valley and filling real tomatoes with food coloring—and having those 12-inch Nikes made for Kevin Hart,” notes Art.

“Both shoots were perfectly produced,” he adds, “by Emily Roth, Laura Katzenberg, and Rachel Goldman at Producit and brilliantly captured on video by Adam Grossman at Good Dog Media.”


Art Streiber_Kevin Hart in print

Art Streiber photographed Kevin Hart wearing custom 12-inch Nikes for the May 2014 issue of GQ.

Art Streiber_Kevin Hart iPad grill

One of two portraits of Hart that Art shot for GQ’s iPad edition.

Art Streiber_Kevin Hart iPad tomatoes

Hart dodges tomatoes, which Nick Tortorici filled with food coloring.

Art Streiber_Kevin Hart Q&A

Click on the screenshot to watch Art’s interview with Hart.

Art Streiber_Silicon Valley in print

Art photographed Mike Judge and the cast of “Silicon Valley” in a dodgeball setup.

Art Streiber_Silicon Valley iPad

An alternate portrait featured in the iPad edition.


Dora Somosi, director of photography
Krista Prestek, senior photo editor
Justin O’Neill, photo editor



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