Nadav Kander in conversation with Kathy Ryan at the National Portrait Gallery in London

Stockland Martel wishes to thank the National Portrait Gallery for hosting “In Conversation: Masters of Photography,” a discussion between Nadav Kander and New York Times Magazine director of photography Kathy Ryan. The sold-out talk took place last Friday at the museum, which contains a number of Nadav’s works in its collection.

Below, a photo of Nadav and Kathy onstage and a shot of them together at Nadav’s studio, taken by Bill Stockland, who flew out to attend the event. There’s also a fun photo that Kathy took of Bill posing in front of a Van Eyck painting, taken from Kathy’s Instagram feed, where it has received more than 600 likes.


Kathy Ryan and Nadav Kander_NPG

Kathy Ryan and Nadav Kander at the National Portrait Gallery in London for “In Conversation: Masters of Photography.”

Kathy Ryan and Nadav Kander

Kathy and Nadav.

Bill Stockland_Kathy Ryan

Kathy’s photo of Bill Stockland in front of a Van Eyck self-portrait has garnered more than 600 likes on Instagram.



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