Time magazine’s Lightbox blog features Tobias Hutzler’s aerial photos of New York

To kick off Memorial Day weekend, Time magazine published a portfolio of Tobias Huztler‘s aerial photographs of New York’s beaches and parks edited by Kira Pollack, Time‘s director of photography.

Even though the images, which he photographed with an toward giving them a graphic quality, were shot in different boroughs, they are less about a specific place and more about life in the city.

“Hutzler’s images are devoid of any distracting landmarks or features, concentrating instead on New Yorkers and how they appropriate these spaces,” writes Time‘s Olivier Laurent.

Tobias shot the photos from a helicopter in conjunction with NYOnair, which specializes in aerial visuals.

“I’d open the door, strap myself, stand up, and lean out so I could shoot straight down,” he tells Time. “I wanted my images to be very graphic, so I shot around noon when the sun was straight up. There are no shadows, so it’s really about the people—the constellations of people.”

Below, a small selection of Tobias’ aerial photographs. View the 22-image portfolio published by Time here.


Coney Island, Brooklyn. Photo by Tobias Hutzler.

Tobias Hutzler_0078

A pier in Brooklyn. Photo by Tobias Hutzler.

Tobias Hutzler_0056

Brooklyn Bridge Park container pool. Photo by Tobias Hutzler.

Tobias Hutzler_0083

Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Photo by Tobias Hutzler.

Tobias Hutzler_011

McCarren Park pool, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Photo by Tobias Hutzler.

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Photo by Tobias Hutzler.

Tobias Hutzler_0026

Orchard Beach, the Bronx. Photo by Tobias Hutzler.




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