Bloomberg Businessweek commissions Tobias Hutzler to photograph Helen Marriage, director of Artichoke Trust, Britain’s groundbreaking public-art organization

Tobias Hutzler_Helen Marriage

Helen Marriage, director of Artichoke Trust. Photo by Tobias Hutzler for Bloomberg Businessweek.


For a feature in its new Design Issue, Bloomberg Businessweek asked Helen Marriage to write about her work as the director of Artichoke Trust, a wildly inventive public-art nonprofit in the U.K. The charity’s mission is to “work with artists to create extraordinary, large-scale events that appeal to the widest possible audience,” according to its website. And under Marriage’s guidance, Artichoke has done just that. One project, a 42-ton mechanical pachyderm with a 20-foot-tall girl called The Sultan Elephant, drew a crowd of almost a million as it made its way through London in 2006.

Needing a photographer whose own artistic sensibilities would complement those of Marriage, the magazine asked Tobias Hutzler to photograph the story’s accompany portrait. As for how he did it, Tobias prefers to remain mysterious. “The concept of the shoot was to illuminate her using only creative light sources,” he says.

Read the article here: “Helen Marriage’s Public Art Gets Millions to Lighten Up”



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