Art Streiber photographs Steven Spielberg for Entertainment Weekly

Art Streiber photographed Steven Spielberg for a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring a tour of the Universal Studios back lot with the legendary director.

“I have photographed him more than a dozen times over the last 17 years,” notes Art. “When Spielberg walked onto the set, I handed him the camera and told him that it was his turn to photograph me and he obliged.”

Scroll down to see a photo of Spielberg holding Art’s Hasselblad, shot by Richard Maltz, EW‘s West Coast deputy photo director.


Art Streiber_Steven Spielberg-1

Steven Spielberg. Photo by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly.

Art Streiber_Steven Spielberg

Photo by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.03.20 PM

Spielberg prepares to take Art’s portrait. Photo by Richard Maltz, courtesy @aspictures via Instagram.

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