For a new ad campaign celebrating 17 of the U.K.’s most compelling YouTube creators, Jim Fiscus created an interactive 360-degree photosphere shot at the National Portrait Gallery

Jim Fiscus’ latest advertising project took him to London, where he shot part of YouTube’s new #MadeForYou campaign celebrating the rich and diverse breadth of talent succeeding on the online platform.

Seventeen of YouTube’s brightest stars were brought together for the first time and all gathered at the prestigious National Portrait Gallery, in a room filled with portraits of key figures of the Enlightenment. There, Jim applied his knowledge of 360 technology and produced a stunning and inventive photosphere that can be viewed on Google Maps and embedded just about anywhere.

As for why they chose the photosphere format for this campaign, ad agency Flying Object had this to say: “Interactive, unprintable, native to the web and optimized for mobile through gyrometer integration; 17 creators explorable individually, in a setup that puts the audience right in the middle of things. Oh, brave new world.” And they noted that you can open the image in the Street View app and “throw your phone into a Cardboard to step into the scene.” Very cool indeed.

Among the YouTube creators showcased are interviewer Caspar Lee, inventor Colin Furze, and makeup vlogger Kaushal Beauty. “Being involved in this project has been an exciting opportunity to explore this type of technology,” Jim told The Sun, which covered the shoot.

“A huge highlight from this project was working with Jim Fiscus,” Flying Object noted in a blog post on the project, which also praised the participation of Burnham Niker and Still Productions. “Jim’s work tells stories; his continued work with entertainment brands like CBS, Channel 4, HBO, and ITV is testament to his ability to bring personality and narrative through a still image.”


Click and drag on the photosphere above to move around the room.

Jim also shot portraits of each of the YouTube creators for use on social media, including the four below…



Colin Furze, inventor. Photo by Jim Fiscus.


Humza Arshad, actor and comedian. Photo by Jim Fiscus.


Kaushal, beauty maven. Photo by Jim Fiscus.


Marcus Butler, vlogger. Photo by Jim Fiscus.



Jim (below left, in knit hat) sets up a shot at the National Portrait Gallery. Photo by Luca Sage.


Photographing YouTube creator Vikkstar123. Photo by Luca Sage.


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