Video interview: Photographer/director/creative director Matthew Rolston featured in Art Center’s Change/Makers series

In a new video interview, Matthew Rolston neatly encapsulates how he got his start:

The first time he was published was a portrait of Steven Spielberg for Interview magazine. His second client: Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone. Third client: Michael Jackson. And fourth: Harper’s Bazaar. “I literally cold-called and went in there and showed my portfolio,” he recalls.

And that was all while Rolston was a student at Art Center College of Design, which published the illuminating video interview on its YouTube channel as part of its Change/Makers series. In the segment, Rolston touches on his influences, inspirations, and new endeavors. He also sheds light on the connection he seeks to make with his audience.

“I want people who look at my works to feel energized and relaxed,” Rolston says. “At the same time, I want them to feel a little bit of infatuation, of a love affair, a sense of romance, kind of a heightened sense.”

Click here or below to watch “Change/Makes: Matthew Rolston—Photographer, Director, and Creative Director.”


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