Tobias Hutzler on photographing Droga5 founder David Droga for Fast Company’s July/August issue

Tobias Hutzler brought his unique style of lighting to a portrait assignment from Fast Company, which asked him to photograph David Droga, founder of Droga5, global CEO Sarah Thompson, and global chief strategy officer Jonny Bauer for a story on the cutting-edge ad agency. “Droga5 is one of the most dynamic ad agencies in the world,” notes Tobias, “so I wanted to create iconic images that represent what they’re doing and what they stand for.”

Tobias designed the lighting to symbolize the creative process in advertising. “It was inspired by digital color-space algorithms as a symbol for digital data and imaging, as well as hand-drawn lines to represent the fact that the creative process starts with ideas and brainstorming in scribbles,” he says. “I wanted to show the human aspect of creativity and finding ideas.”

Here’s a look at the portraits, which appeared in the feature “Point Man: David Droga is the boldest thinker in a troubled industry. Can his vision of a new kind of agency lead the ad world out of the darkness?”


David Droga, founder of ad agency Droga5. Photo by Tobias Hutzler for Fast Company, July/August 2017 issue.

Sarah Thompson, the agency’s global CEO. Photo by Tobias Hutzler for Fast Company.

Global chief strategy officer Jonny Bauer. Photo by Tobias Hutzler for Fast Company.

David Droga. Photo by Tobias Hutzler for Fast Company.

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