“Jingle Bell Rock” in motion: Art Streiber photographs Dwayne Johnson for Entertainment Weekly’s live-action cover

Dwayne Johnson. Photo by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly.

Photo by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly.

Photo by Art Streiber for Entertainment Weekly.

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Be very, very careful while adjusting The Rock’s jingle ball. Very. Me: “Okay Dwayne, please hug the Christmas tree for the stills and then, for the AR motion component, when I cue you, squeeze the tree as hard as you can, without breaking it in half and when you do, @scottstonedesign will fire a confetti canon!" Dwayne: "Sounds great! Let’s do it!" What a willing and eager and lovely subject. A true professional. Stills were lit with a single, baffle-less @elinchrom_ltd octobank right behind the camera. The motion was lit the exact same way with a Briese 130. To see the AR motion behind each of the stills in the issue download the LifeVR app…thanks to the folks at @ryotnews. The Holiday Thank Yous really need to start with the brilliant, talented, persistent and hilarious @micheleromeronyc who entrusted this shoot to me, brainstormed the creative and pushed and pushed for greatness. Then there’s @nigelmorris from Ryot who led the team that put the A in AR. And who can forget @photobuffalo and his team of elves who found all kinds of holiday props in October? Who decorated that beautiful tree? @abracatrena, that’s who! And that killer sleeveless cape? Thank you @ilariabinati! Killer strobe and motion lighting by #lunchtime @belioff and @jamesbianchi. BTS photos and general merriment by @nicolbiesekphoto. Taking over the Canon to DP the motion component by @kaiserbear_inc. Patient production and lunch for a crew of 60 by @sunny16productions. Beautiful custom finishing by @angiemariehayes, like always. Thank you @therock for being such a FANTASTIC subject. @entertainmentweekly @ewphotodept #ew #therock @dwaynej0hnson @therock.25 @canonusa @profotousa

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