Billig Lån til Førerkort – Cheap Driver’s License Loans in Norway

Billig Lån til Førerkort – Cheap Driver’s License Loans in Norway

A driver’s license is a requirement for anyone who wants to get behind the wheel. People who drive must be licensed to do so. For starters, this is about compliance with the law and avoiding penalties for violation. It is equally about personal and communal safety. Getting this important document also offers several other benefits.

For example, it offers employment opportunities in several cases. It also comes in handy during emergencies. However, getting it is easier said than done for many Norwegian citizens and residents. The expensive cost of doing so is usually the reason for this.

A reliable source even gathered that the cost of getting it in Norway surpasses the cost in countries like Croatia, Malaysia, Germany, Andorra, Spain, and Switzerland. By the way, getting this permit in the aforementioned countries is also expensive. To see this source, you can visit.

Given this situation, the question arises: How can Norwegians who cannot afford this permit still obtain this important document? Fortunately, an lån til førerkort, which is a consumer loan designed to cover driver’s license costs, is an option. This article will discuss getting a cheap one. But first, let us make sense of how expensive this permit is and why it is so expensive.

How Expensive Is a Driver’s License in Norway?

A driver’s license in Norway costs upwards of 2700 dollars. The cost can go as high as 3800 dollars. For the record, this is also subject to the exchange rate. It should be noted that the prices can be reviewed by the pertinent authorities and driving schools. Inflation could be a reason for this.

Reasons Why a Driver’s License in Norway Is So Expensive

Many Norwegian residents often complain about the high cost of getting a driver’s license. This is the case, especially with immigrants who come from places where getting this permit is not this much of a problem.

Norway ranks number one among countries with the most expensive driver’s licenses. Well, there are several reasons for this and they include the following:

Comprehensive Procedures for Obtaining the Permit

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is the government establishment in charge of issuing this permit. This establishment also formulates rules binding on drivers and ensures that they are adhered to. It has very compressive procedures that all have to be fulfilled before the license is granted to the applicant.

There are at least four stages that have to be completed by applicants. These stages cover either assessment or training and they cost money.

High Driving Standards

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration sets very high driving standards. This is evident in the procedures required for getting a driver’s license. Impressive stats showing how very few traffic fatalities happen in this country is proof of Norway’s high driving standards.

The record in 2020 is a prime example. This entire country did not even record up to 100 road accidents during this year. Stringent application procedures for driver’s licenses and improved safety measures by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration play a huge part in this. Other influencing factors include the common use of infrastructures such as speed cameras and improved road design.

High Living Cost

Norway is conveniently one of the most expensive countries to live in. The cost of transportation, food, rent, personal care, and several other things here is around 2 times the world’s average. For a better perspective, Norway is conveniently among the world’s top 8 – 14 nations with the most expensive living cost.

Apparently, this reflects on the cost of getting a driving license. This is not only because of the amount it costs to get this issued document. It is also about the charges set by driving schools and other things. This amount required to get this permit makes a driver’s license loan – which is translated as lån til førerkort in Norwegian, the only reasonable way for some people to get a driver’s license in Norway.

Costly Tax Rate and Fees

There are tax rates and fees that apply to the issuance of a driver’s license. Norway is known to have costly tax rates and this impacts the amount required to get this permit.

Difficult Driving Conditions

The relevant authorities keep doing a good job of making Norwegian roads safe for drivers. The impressive stats detailing the few recorded traffic fatalities in the country is proof of this.

Be that as it may, drivers in Norway can be subjected to very harsh driving conditions. This is particularly during the winter period. It can get so bad that using a snowmobile becomes the best or only option.

As a result, the procedures required for getting this permit are designed to ensure applicants are well-equipped to handle driving challenges. This also influences the cost of getting this permit.

The Caliber of Applicants

A lot of people who apply for this license are teenagers. Norway allows people who have clocked the age of 16 to have a license. However, only a moped permit (category AM license) can be issued until a person ages 18. By the way, the moped option has its limitations.

A lot of these teenage applicants are not gainfully employed and cannot afford to get this permit on their own. Of course, this is unless it is covered by an adult relative or friend. This is why a lot of these people see it as very expensive.

Validity Period

People with certain driver’s licenses in Norway will only have to renew their licenses after 15 years. These are people with the following driver’s license categories – A, AM, A1, A2, B, BE, and T. These sorts of driving permits are specifically for drivers of motorcycles, cars, mopeds, tractors, and light vehicles at large.

15 years is quite a while considering how the standard is around 5 years in many parts of the world. The only exception to this length of validity period for people with these permits is for senior citizens. Specifically, these are people past the age of 75.

By the way, the validity period for certain licenses remains 5 years. This is the case for people with the following categories – C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE, and D1E. These sorts of driving permits are specifically for drivers of Lorries, mini-buses, buses, and heavy vehicles at large.

LÅN TIL FØRERKORT – Government-Backed Driver’s License Loans in Norway

Various players in Norwegian society are well aware of the expensive cost of securing a driver’s license. As a result, some of them have put measures in place to enable eligible people to get this permit even without out-of-pocket funds.

This is by offering special loans designed for this purpose. Some of the options are government-backed, while others are regular consumer loans offered by private creditors. In light of this, some of the government-backed options for getting a driver’s license in Norway include the following:

Norwegian Labor & Welfare Administration

This government establishment helps provide economic & social security for those in the labor market. Eligible people can get a loan from this government establishment to pay for their driver’s licenses.


This is a public administration establishment under the country’s Education & Research Ministry. One of its major goals is to make getting educated a possibility. Offering relevant loans to students is one of the ways it goes about achieving this. In light of this, the Norwegian State Educational Loan fund is a loan option for students who need the cost of a driver’s license covered.

Directorate of Integration and Diversity

Norwegians are largely known to be accommodating to immigrants and even refugees. The activities of the Directorate of Integration and Diversity prove this. Loans by this government establishment can be offered to eligible people who need to get their driver’s licenses.

By and large, government-backed loans are known to be cheap. This is in terms of interest rate, flexible repayment, and fees. However, eligibility can be a big deal. It can also take quite a while to secure the loan.

LÅN TIL FØRERKORT – Driver’s License Loans by Private Creditors

As opposed to government-backed loans, driver’s license loans from private creditors are usually easier to secure. This is because they are usually processed and obtained quickly. However, due diligence is required for getting billig lån til førerkort (the Norwegian translation for cheap driver’s license loans).

For starters, applicants considering these kinds of loans need to seriously compare lenders. An online comparison platform with features such as a loan calculator can be used for this purpose.

Secondly, applicants need to check their eligibility status before applying. For example, some applicants may not get consumer loans for this purpose on the grounds of age. However, there are alternatives. Using a credit card with a heightened credit limit could be an option.


It is quite evident that getting a driver’s license in Norway is expensive. However, the lack of sufficient funds should not deter individuals. Such individuals can secure driver’s license loans available from government-backed and private institutions. Also, it is essential to secure an affordable line of credit to ensure a smooth repayment process.



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