Credit National Assist Scam (March) Stay Alert And Avoid

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The guide shares details about the new Credit National Assist Scam to alert people and keep them safe.

With the price of everything from groceries to gasoline increasing, people in the United States notice their debts piling up rapidly. So, when anyone receives a call for debt relief, they start believing it and share all their details. But, stay alert as a new kind of scam is going on and targeting many people under debt. 

Scammers call random numbers and tell them to provide support and assistance to get rid of their debts. They are pretending from a reputed organization like Credit National Assist. But they attempt to steal information and do Credit National Assist Scam.

About Credit National Assist!

Credit National Assistance is a reputed and renowned credit agent or financial organization managed by financial experts with years of experience in debt negotiation. The firm focuses on serving the residents in the United States and helping seniors manage and consolidate their debts.   

Credit National Assistance works in collaboration with other credit companies, collection agencies, and collection law firms. The financial experts have years of experience negotiating with financial firms and credit companies on behalf of their clients to make them debt-free. 

Unfortunately, some scammers use the name for illicit tasks and scams.

What are the Credit National Assist Calls All About?

Credit National Assistance Call is the new online scam doing rounds across America and targeting many elderly people and youths. The fraud is carefully conducted by making random calls to random numbers. The scammers call and pretend to be from Credit National Assist Company and claim to help people get debt-free.

They claim to offer financial assistance to dissolve credit card bills and other debts. However, many people have reported the new call scams from Credit National Assist. Scammers use unknown numbers to make Credit National Assist Calls, including 888-206-4766 and 888-675-1360.

They call and ask for people’s financial details so that they can work to dissolve the debts. However, they don’t share any acknowledgment after that, and hence it is a scam and must be avoided. 

How to Identify and Report the Scam?

Certain factors can help you prevent falling prey to these scams. AARP warns all people to follow the below steps to identify and report the fraud. 

Check and verify the phone number before receiving it. You must not share any details with someone calling from unknown as it can be a Credit National Assist Scam. 

  • Avoid sharing details to callers claiming to reduce or eliminate debts quickly.
  • Don’t believe their request claims to be cut off from the creditors.
  • Verify the details of the company they are calling from. 

You must report the scam to Federal Trade Commission. 

People’s Reactions

Many people, especially the elderly population, are targeted by scammers. Many people said they receive 5-6 calls daily from scammers pretending to be from Credit National Assistance.

Some people received a voicemail from callers urging them to call back for a pre-approved loan. These calls must be avoided and if you receive such calls, report them to Federal Trade Commission.   


Follow the above guide to stay protected and ignore Credit National Assist Scam. Unfortunately, many people are falling prey to this new scam, and with smart moves, one can easily overlook the fraud and stay protected. Also, don’t forget to read the tips on How to Stay Protected from a Scam. 

Did you receive any voicemails or calls from scammers? Then, please, share how you reported the scam in the comment section. 

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