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The article discusses the new website launched by Elon Musk fans and eradicates the confusion of Elontalk.con.

Hi, readers, do you know about the new website of famous businessman Elon Musk? It is a free podium where you can listen to the ideas of Elon Musk. The fans can also associate with him via this portal Worldwide.

Recently the portal has been going viral for various reasons. But people also get confused about its name. Actually, we found the portal name Elontalk.con. But it is not valid. For this reason, we also check out this point in this article. 

What Do You Know about the Website? 

As per our research, we find that the website was made by the fans of Elon Musk recently. The website offers many elements that need to be the focus. You can learn about complex and robust technologies like learning machines, Artificial Intelligence and many more on the website.

The interesting facts about the website are that it is developed with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The lips and voice are regenerated with the robust technology of Artificial Intelligence.

Elontalk com– The Features of the Website

We have checked the website and its technological matter. And we find that the essential technologies are- Coqui.ai and Wav2Lip, and the TTS programs are used to make the website sound. The website offers many kinds of services to the users.

  1. The users can submit any written document on the website. And check that Elon Musk speaks on the written record on the website.
  2. The users can choose the six videos, and on the website, Elon Musk speaks on the topics you have documented on the website.


Many users are asking about this. But we need to eradicate the confusion of the users. We have done the research on this and find it is some kind of confusion. Actually, the website is a dot com. But for an unknown reason, many users spell it like .con. 

In our opinion, it is a kind of mistake made by the users unknowingly. But you must open the website with the dot.com provision. Otherwise, the website will not open, showing the error. You can examine the facts by opening the website on your browser with Elontalk com

What Do You Find?

You can find that the website is open. The address bar shows the dot com, not the dot con. You can also find the “text bar” on the website. Elon Musk will speak on this matter if you type something on the text bar. 

That is the main reason many of his fans are excited about the website. They also posted about the website on social media platforms. You can also see Elon Musk singing and making an announcement on the website. 

At Last

It is all about the website. But Elontalk.con is not the right name for the website. You can check the website on your browser and find the official website link

Please note all the details have been taken from authentic internet sources. Did you visit the website? Please comment

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