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Check out this blog to know how the cab driver reacted to the Fossils Last Stand Owners after the racist comment they made.

Have you ever heard of or been bashed with racist remarks? It could be on anything, your physical traits, your culture, anything that makes the other person feel rather different and superior to others. 

Surely, incidences of racism aren’t something you never heard of. Such news keeps popping up. Recently, a similar incident occurred in the United StatesA video has been going viral, and people are outraged over it. Keep reading to know what happened and who the Fossils Last Stand Owners are?

Why is it in the news?

The world’s population consists of various groups with certain distinctive features and physical traits. Racism is where an individual, community, or institution discriminates against a particular racial or ethnic group. Although numerous authorities and institutions are running worldwide, trying their best to stop such discrimination and antagonism activities. 

An incident where a cab driver refused to provide a ride to the passenger and kicked them off after they made a racist comment is going viral. After the video went viral, people started defaming the passengers on Fossils Last Stand Yelp reviews, as they claimed to be the bar owner.

What exactly happened?

The incident took place on May 13, when the Lyft cab driver James Bode arrived at the pickup spot for a women name “Jackie.” The dashcam video showed her entering the rear passenger seat when she remarked, “Wow, you’re like a normal white guy who speaks English.”

Bode immediately responded to this and told them to get out of his car after finding that inappropriate, racist comment. After that, her boyfriend also became angry and started passing abusive comments to the driver.

Authorities confirmed that the couple pictured in the video are the owners of Fossils Last Stand.

Public reaction on Fossils Last Stand Owners

Since the video went viral on social media, millions of people appreciated the driver’s instant reaction to the incident. The public reaction to the incident also attracted headlines as they started posting negative reviews about Fossil’s Last Stand on the Yelp reviewing platform.

One person wrote after giving 1-star, “Racists don’t deserve the business.” While another commented, “It is important not to support people who are not beneficial to the community.” Due to the sudden increase in public attention on the bar review, the platform response by stopping the ability to post reviews on Fossils Last Stand Yelp.

Final Verdict

As per our findings, the driver’s response to such a remark was genuine and right. The cab service platform Lyft also posted a statement that “They are grateful to the driver’s upholding their no tolerance anti-racism policies” and they are in touch with him to show their thanks.

The video proves that one needs to raise his\her voice to prevent and combat racial discrimination. Click here.

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