Gladys Knight Funeral {Aug 2022} Singer Fake Death News!

Gladys Knight Funeral has shared details of fake news circulated by a YouTube channel and has given clarification on it.  

Are you a Gladys Knight fan and are searching for news about her? News related to her death is floating on digital space, making many of her fans sad. Gladys is an American singer and has her fan base in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. People started searching for her after hearing bad news about the singer.

In Gladys Knight Funeral write-up, we discussed the current news about the singer, along with her age and net worth. To know more about her, keep reading the article.

Fake Death News of Gladys Knight:

A YouTube channel named Allan radio has circulated false news about the death of various celebrities like Barry Gibbs, Gladys Knight, and Jennette McCurdy. The news of Gladys’s death was posted yesterday, and it has caused serious concern to many of her fans. The 6.5-minute-long video has got 788K views.

As she prepares for her new show, the singer’s absence from social media platforms further added credibility to her death hoax.  

Gladys Knight Net Worth 2022:

Gladys is a born singer; she started singing at four and formed a singing band with her siblings at eight. The band formed with her siblings was later named The Pips. Midnight train to Georgia became their signature song in 1973 and was responsible for giving high to the Pip group. 

She excelled in pop music and sang for records like Motown and Buddah in 1973. Knight recorded the soundtrack for the Bond movie “License to Kill” in her solo work in 1989. All this hard work has allowed her to accumulate a net worth of $28 million. 

How Old Is Gladys Knight is also trending on the search engines, and we tried to find her age for the online audience. The singer was born on 28th May 1944 and has completed her seventy-eighth birthday. 

Personal Life of Gladys Knight:

Gladys is known as “Empress of Soul” for giving some of the best songs during 1960 -1980 along with her group. Knight married four guys in her life and had three kids with them. 

Newman was her first husband, but she separated from him after a brief period. Her second marriage with Barry Hankerson ended in 1979, and she also fought a hard custody battle with him.

Social Media Comments on Gladys Knight Funeral:

The news of her death got her fans worried about her, and some spent horrid times searching for details on her death. One social media user commented Facebook is always killing someone off; now it’s Gladys Knight. 

Another comment stated Sad, Gladys Knight has passed. The news of her death erupted from a YouTube channel showing fake death news of many more celebrities.

Important Note – All the details are taken from authentic internet media.

Final verdict:

The fake news industry is growing daily, causing misinformation and worry to targeted viewers. Gladys Knight Funeral post advises viewers to get all their news from authentic platforms and cross-check it before sharing it on social media sites. 

Have you been the victim of fake digital media news recently? Please share your experience in the comment section.

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