Glope Wordle {July 2022} Puzzle 401: Know The Hints!

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The below article helps you get the correct answer for wordle 401 and helps you learn all the aspects of guessed Glope Wordle word.

Have you ever solved a Sudoku puzzle in a newspaper or a magazine? Do you like playing puzzle brainstorming games via online platforms? Then, you must have heard of Josh Wordle! This game is at hype as hundreds of players are joining this puzzle-solving portal daily.

Recently many new players from New Zealand and Australia have joined this gaming platform and got confused about Glope Wordle as this is a correct answer for 25th July wordle ot not! So let’s find out some facts about this answer!

Has the Player Guessed the 401 Wordle Answer Correctly?

We cannot give a clarified answer. As research has analyzed, only a few players find it difficult and guessed the rhyming word “Glope”, but many players have guessed the correct answer, that is, “Elope.”

But why are the players confused with these words? These words might have some similarities or connections in their meanings as well. So, let’s check by checking the definitions.

It means for Elope and Glope Game for Wordle.

Elope word definition – to marry someone secretly without parents’ or relatives’ consent.

Glope word definition – interestingly, this is not a meaningful word. Consequently, it is misspelt for “Globe”, which means “the earth.”

Nowadays, Wordle provides guessing hints for unfamiliar but interesting meaning words. Hence, we can say the game is becoming notorious and attracting hundreds of gamers daily. So, let’s check the hints for wordle 401, 25th July.

Hints for wordle 401!

  • It consists of 3 vowels.
  • The vowel “E” will be repeated and come both at the first and end. Therefore Glope Game cannot be the correct answer. 
  • The other 2 words are constants and are not repeated.
  • Major Clue: This wordle word is related to the secret marriage without anyone’s consent. 

Rules to Play wordle

  • Fill the tiles with suggested hints. 
  • Guess the related word as per the given major hint.
  • Wait for the colour indications for the tile. 
  • If it turned green, the answer was correct, and you won.
  • If it changes to yellow, you need to change places for the guessed words’ letters. 
  • If changed to grey, you need to think of another letter that will give you a meaningful word. 

Why is Glope Wordle trending?

As the puzzle game is becoming famous among puzzle solvers, many players are getting confused due to its unfamiliarity, and many are not aware of this word. Hence, players are looking for the meaning and other information for 401 wordle answer and their guessed word Glope.

In addition, if  you want more details  for this wordle 401 answer, click here and increase your wordle knowledge.

The Last Words

After analyzing the information taken from the internet, we can say that the answer for wordle 401 is “Elope” and not Glope Wordle. Players are confused due to similarities in pronunciation. But, the guessed word does not contain any meaning, so it cannot be the correct answer. 

Do you wish to add some more similar interesting words like wordle game? Please share below via comments.

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