How Audiomack’s Support Badges Feature is Changing the Streaming Industry

General Information How Audiomack’s Support Badges Feature is Changing the Streaming Industry

As the music industry evolves, streaming has become commonplace. However, streaming alone has been unable to deliver suitable income for musicians. In the past, there have been lots of changes to the royalty structure, but it has still not met the expectations of musicians. 

A popular streaming service is trying to change the streaming industry with a new feature for artists and the possibility to make Audiomack promotion and rise artists’ popularuty. 

Audiomack’s new feature may change the industry 

The streaming service released a feature that allows artists to build their fan bases and get remunerated in the process, as opposed to building audiences and getting monetized. Audiomack’s Support Badges allow fans to fund their favorite artists directly when they buy support badges. These support badges often come with albums or songs released.

When a fan buys a support badge, it will be memorialized in their honor. It shows up on the fans’ Audiomack profiles as well as the page of the song or album. This helps monetize their fandom, increases artist remuneration, and also empowers fan identity. Fans love to be seen by their favorite artists, so it is an excellent strategy to get them involved.

Audiomack is still growing but innovative

Audiomack doesn’t have a large user base like popular streaming platform Spotify. However, the service still stands out in the music industry. The point of many streaming services is to build audiences, and Audiomack helps build fanbases. 

This streaming platform also makes it possible for artists to engage with their fans. This is important because streaming numbers alone may not give value to the artist. It can be compared to the period of radio promotions. During this period, artists felt good that their music made it to the radio, but it didn’t necessarily deliver much income-wise. 

They include karaoke users, playlist curators, and hip hop fans as well. Compared to other streaming sites, the conversion rate would be more than just listeners, but converted fans.

Audiomack offers artist support

Audiomack has been known to offer support to artists to help them reach their full potential. Recently, the platform launched a special guide for artists known as the Audiomack Artist Guide. This guide covers everything artists should know about the music industry and business. Some of the main topics include selling merch, copyright protection, rolling out new music, and event planning tours to different countries. 

The topics are curated to answer questions and prevent artists from making serious mistakes while starting out in the industry. It offers advice from music executives in the management, label, and distribution sectors of the music industry.

The resource will continue to be useful as long as streaming services remain relevant. Audiomack has over 20 million active users and recently launched an analytics app for artists earlier in the year. This has helped artists come up with a marketing strategy that works. Currently, the app has over 100,000 active users as well.



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