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The article explains Alicent and how she lost her life in the series, and a few more interesting facts are obtained by reading about How Does Alicent Die?

What do you think of Alicent? What happened to that character? Do you have any idea of House of Dragons? Did you go through the episodes in a book? Did you search for anything related to Alicent? If not, look at the phrases below to learn more about them. The story and episodes are famous Worldwide, and people are curious about the House of Dragon series and How Does Alicent Die?



Alicent would become one of the four people in Westeros who have died from the winter fever after experiencing cold flushes and twitching.

Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent are close friends in the series, and the two act as if they are sisters. Alice helped King Viserys comfort himself after his first wife, Gemma, died. It wasn’t until then that he decided to marry her. Aegon, Alicent’s son, born to Rhaenyra after Alicent’s death, had been widely regarded as the more likely heir to the Iron Throne than Rhaenyra. It led many to believe that Rhaenyra should inherit the Iron Throne instead of Alicent. After finding out that Rhaenyra slept with Criston Cole and lied about it to Alicent in episode 5, the final straw became apparent. 

How Does Alicent Hightower?

The queen refuses a generous olive branch offered by rhaenyra in episode 6, after a 10-year jump to reconcile with alicent, normally to repair their relationship. An epidemic gripped Westeros following the Targaryen Civil War, causing Alicent to die during the Winter Fever in the books. During the last year of her life, Alicent lived alone with her septa (female priest), guards, and servants since every one of her relatives had already passed away. 

As a result of her loneliness and lack of social interaction, Alicent begins talking to herself and eventually hates green, the color that symbolizes her faction and Aegon’s in the Dance of the Dragons.

Does Alicent Die?

 As a result of the Winter Fever, Alicent would become one of the four people in Westeros who have died from the illness. Just four days after symptoms appear, sufferers go delirious and die after experiencing cold flushes and twitching.


After looking at the story of the house of dragons, Alicent passes away her life. Each episode is familiar. People can get the details by reading or watching the series. To gather more details about the episodes online.

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