How to Become a Lawyer: Law Schools & Careers

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Lawyers are problem solvers, negotiators and advisors. Scroll down the entire write-up to check How to Become a Lawyer: Law Schools & Careers in detail.

Are you looking to become a lawyer but have no idea where to start? There are many steps and legalities involved in becoming a lawyer. 

If you don’t know how to become a lawyer and want to work as a lawyer, you may think it will be extremely difficult. It can be tough, but it is possible if you put your mind to it. Read this article if you want to check How to Become a Lawyer: Law Schools & Careers.

Steps to Become a Lawyer:

  1. Complete your higher secondary education – The first step is to complete your 10+2, with subjects like English, History, Economics, Political Science etc. You will need good grades, as the entrance exams for law school are highly competitive.
  2. Complete your graduation in any stream – There are no set preferences for the stream of graduation. However, subjects such as Economics, History, Political Science or Sociology will serve you well. You need a minimum of 50% marks to apply for the entrance exams. Keep exploring How to Become a Lawyer: Law Schools & Careers.
  3. Take a Law Entrance Exam – The third step to becoming a lawyer is to complete a bachelor’s degree program. Although no specific major is required, students who want to become lawyers should take courses in political science, history, economics and English. In addition, students can participate in mock trial programs or internships at law firms.
  4. Apply to Law School – After earning a bachelor’s degree, aspiring lawyers must complete a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree program. Typically, these programmes take three years to complete and include constitutional law, contracts, and civil procedure coursework. While analyzing How to Become a Lawyer: Law Schools & Careers, we found that students also select an area of specialization that they will focus on during their final year of law school.
  5. Pass the Bar Exam – To practice law, graduates must pass the bar exam in the state where they try to work. The bar exam may cover the civil procedure, constitutional law, and real property subjects. Some states require additional exams to qualify for certain types of practice. For example, the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam assesses knowledge of ethics rules and may be required by some states to qualify for the bar exam.

How to Become a Lawyer: Law Schools & Careers?

You must attend law school and earn a Juris Doctor degree. Earning a bachelor’s degree, particularly political science, English, or history, is the first stage.

Take courses that match the admissions requirements for the institutions you wish to attend while still in high school. You’ll have to take an admission exam containing essay questions and pass an interview to get into law school.


Becoming a lawyer is a long process that requires years of hard work and plenty of dedication. The road to becoming a lawyer begins in high school for many students, especially those who know they would like to pursue this career path. We hope the post How to Become a Lawyer: Law Schools & Careers helped you.

Do you also want to become a lawyer? Then comment down. 

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