Hurdle Music Game Play Online {March} Rules & platform

Gaming Tips Hurdle Music Game Play Online

The article will discuss the Hurdle Music Game Play Online and explain the game’s features.  

Do you know about the new music game? Do you know you can play the game online and absolutely free? The name of the music game is – Hurdle Music Game. As per our sources, it is slightly inspired by the excellent word puzzle game “Wordle”. 

The new music game is very famous among the players in the United Kingdom and Australia. In this article, we will discuss Hurdle Music Game Play Online step by step. 

Where to Play Hurdle Music Game

Our extensive research finds the right place to play the game. The players can visit the official website (mentioned in the conclusion below) of the game. 

The most exciting fact is the game is free and can be played online. On the interface, the players will get an option like- “skip”, “submit”, and “play” options. 

The most exciting factor of the game is that by installing the mobile application, the players can play the game easily on the mobile from anywhere. The gamers can open the game’s website on “Chrome” and “Firefox” for the web browser. 

What Do You Know About the Hurdle Music Game Play Online

As per our research, the game has a similar format to the “Wordle” game. But here, the gamers need to guess the song with specified options. Let’s clear your confusion. In the game, each gamer will get ultimate six chances to guess the song and artist of the song. 

The players will listen to the song’s introduction and guess the song. But here, the players can share the score on the social media platform. But in the “Wordle” word game, the players will get five chances and can’t share the score on any platform. 

Hurdle Music Game Play Online– Rules

The gamers of Canada and the United States want to know the methods of the game. Our research finds out the following steps that can help you understand the rules. 

  1. The player simply checks the game’s online format and clicks on the song playing option. 
  2. The gamers need to listen to the song. Remember, the gamers can only listen to a few seconds of the song. 
  3. The music will be played for only sixteen seconds as per the rules. 
  4. The players will get six opportunities to identify the song. 

The player can win the Hurdle Music Game Play Online by guessing the right song.

Why is the Game News Trending? 

As per our research, the players can play and listen to music in this Hurdle game. So, at the same time, one can explore the music and play the game. 

For the game, the players don’t need to type the song’s name. And the application is very user friendly and accessible. 


As per our research, the game has a tremendous response from the gamers. Our analysis also finds that it is the first game based on English music. 

It is inspired by the Wordle game, but Hurdle Music Game Play Online is slightly different from the word puzzle game. 

Have you ever played a Hurdle Game? Please comment. In addition, if you want to play this game, you can check the official game’s link 

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