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You can refer to the below details to answer the question ‘Is A Hinge A Wheel’ and other associated issues.

Do you know about the Wheel? Do you know about Hinge? Do you know what the basic difference between Wheel and Hinge is? If your answer is NO, then you need to follow this article completely to get the requisite information.

Recently a debate over wheel vs doors was unpacked on Twitter, leading to a supplementary question Is A Hinge A Wheel. People worldwide from the countries like Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia took part in the debate and gave their views. So, let us follow up to get the answer.

About Hinge

It is a mechanical object connecting two solid objects and allowing limited rotation among them. Generally, the object connected relatively rotates about each other around a fixed axis of rotation through the Hinge, with all other translatory and rotatory motion being prevented. Thus, the degree of freedom for the Hinge is one.

The hinges are used for different purposes, like in doors. Now, before answering Are Hinges Classed As Wheels, we need to answer what is Wheel.

About Wheel

A Wheel is a circular object which rotates around a central axis called an axle. The Wheel and axle together make one of the parts of simple machines. The wheels facilitate the translatory motion by converting rotatory motion to translatory motion.

The Wheel dates back to ancient times. However, the discovery about the Wheel is not clear; however, the Mesopotamians are credited for its discovery, but there is also evidence of uses of wheels in the middle east, Europe, China, and India.

There are different types of wheels like ship’s Wheel, potter’s wheel steering wheel and flywheel. Wheels are used for various purposes, but it is mostly used in transportation work.

Are Hinges Classed As Wheels

As per the debate on Twitter regarding Hinge VS Wheel, some users called the Hinge a type of Wheel, and they pointed out that the object around the Hinge also rotates about the Hinge or pin, which acts as an axle. On the other hand, some users said that the car has wheels and doors (Hinge), thus differentiating between the Wheels and Hinges.

However, as per our definition of Hinges and Wheel shown above, we can say that Wheels is not Hinge as:

S NO Hinge Wheel
1 The object may not be circular like in door The object is circular like in car wheel
2 The translator motion is difficult for hinge or the pin The rotatory motion is converted into translator motion.

Why was This Debate ‘Is A Hinge A Wheel?’

  • A Twitter user posted what more in the world Doors or Hinges is.
  • This led to several debates surrounding it.
  • The user who started the debate also started the poll for the same question.
  • This poll led to additional debate over Hinge VS Wheel, with several users giving several answers backed by their reason.


Though this debate sounded dumb to some users yet the debate aroused the interest for physics in the users. As per our opinion and research from sources, the answer to the question Is A Hinge A Wheel is NO, and the reason has been described above. However, for more details about Hinge, you can refer here.

Do you agree with this information? Do you have more to share? Please comment below.

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