Is Mimco Handbags Legit {Aug 2022} Read Detailed Reviews

Mimco Handbags online website Reviews

Is Mimco Handbags Legit has discussed a website selling accessories like bags, jewelry, and wallet for international customers.

Do you want to gift the latest designer handbag, wallet, and jewelry to your loved ones? Is an online store exclusively dealing in these products your top priority? Shoppers start their search with a different mindset, but if you fall in the above category, this website review may save you some browsing time.

Mimco has developed itself as an exclusive destination for handbags and Jewelry products for people in Australia. Although buyers have shared their individual experiences with this store, Is Mimco Handbags Legit has covered most aspects of this shop in detail.

Authenticity Analysis of Mimco Com Au: 

Shoppers looking to check legit facts about Mimco bags will find this section helpful as it has all the parameters of a website that should be reviewed to check the legit status of any e-commerce store. Some parameters covered in this part are the age of the portal, customer buying experience, quality of content, and site ranking.

  1. The age of the website couldn’t be found, but it appears that its Facebook page was created on 27th October 2009.
  2. Mimco Handbags Reviews trust score for this handbag store is 86%, a good trust index for an authentic shop.
  3. The domain expiry date is not known.
  4. Mimco Private LTD is the owner of this shopping platform.
  5. Text and image content on this website appears unique and is free from plagiarism.
  6. The company’s address is mentioned on the site’s web page and is correct.
  7. Web portal Alexa has given 128891 ranks to the Mimco portal, with unique daily visitors of 15,000 on its platform.
  8. Icons of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are available on its landing page with a well-developed account of each site.
  9. Is Mimco Handbags Legit trust index is 100% a welcome index rating for any online store. Rating of this kind increases shop credibility in the customer’s mind.
  10. Customer reviews for its online and physical stores are available separately on public review sites.

Details of Mimco Com Au Shopping Destinations

The creation date for this shopping portal is missing, but details on social media sites indicate that its age is more than one year. It has a well-developed shopping website with features similar to a legit e-commerce store. Bags, Jewelry, wallets, and mobile phone accessories can be purchased from this store. 

Since this shop exclusively deals in this item, Is Mimco Handbags Legit customers can expect depth in its merchandise along with competitive pricing for the shoppers. A Digital wallet and customer loyalty program are some of the shop’s services that will benefit customers in the long run.

Website Specifications and other details:

  • The domain name is
  • Customers can reach this site at
  1. Subscription mail for the site is given.
  2. Contact address – Mimco H.0. Buildings 2, 572 Swan Street, Burnley, Victoria, Australia, 3121.
  3. Delivered in 3-5 days.
  4. A 30-day return period is given.
  5. Live chat is available.
  6. SMS service – 0488 856 556
  7. Customer care – 1800 994 340 (AU)

Is Mimco Handbags Legit Positives for this Website?

  1. It has a good trust score and index that will help increase shop credibility in the customer’s mind.
  2. The good Alexa rankings state that the platform has decent traffic.
  3. The address of the company is on the contact us page.
  4. Live chat, SMS message, and subscription mail are provided for communication.
  5. Customer review for the platform is available on a public review site.

Negatives for Mimco bags Portal:

  1. Customers are not satisfied with some of its products.
  2. Regular e-mail is not provided for customers.
  3. Some policy pages are missing from the site.

Mimco Handbags Reviews for this Accessories store:

According to details given on Mimco’s social media sites, this company has been operating for over a decade. Mimco’s online store has a rating of 1.7 from 102 listed reviews, and its low rating is due to lousy customer service and loosely packaged products.

 More than 4 25,000 people are following it on the company’s Facebook site. To avoid a PayPal transaction scan, read the tips given here.


The above findings substantiate that Mimco is a legit e-commerce platform; shoppers can buy the product from this site. Is Mimco Handbags Legit team advises people to evaluate buyers’ feedback as they have rated it with a low score of 1.7 on a scale of five. 

Have you purchased an item from Mimco? Kindly share your views in the comment area given below. Also, read How to avoid credit card scams during online shopping?

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