Is Roollingcart Legit {Aug 2022} Easy & Quick Reviews!

Roollingcart Online website Reviews

Checking a shopping site’s legitimacy is quintessential before shopping, the same is the aim of this article on Is Roollingcart Legit.

Are you looking for men’s smart casual clothes? Was the variety and quality of your past purchases disappointing for you? Are you still in search? If we are right, this page on a shop called Roollingcart could solve your problems. 

The shop has its physical warehouse in the United States. Now you must ask, “Is Roollingcart Legit?” to foolproof your shopping journey ahead.

Should you trust the Roollingcart Shop?

Answering the question in one line would be unfair and probably biased. So to get an in-depth understanding read the below points.

  • Website’s Domain Age: our source says the site’s domain is around four months old.
  • Website Domain Rating: the site has zero domain rating and no website authority because of fewer backlinks. 
  • Alexa Ranking: The website’s Alexa ranking is 9lakh+ which is way higher than the average and shows fewer customer reach, as per our research for Roollingcart Reviews.
  • Customers Reviews: we have not found any words from the customers for the site’s products and its services on any platforms. 
  • Social Media Links: no social media handles have been linked on the site. And our research did not find any such accounts over the web.
  • Missing Description: although the company has given product descriptions on the website, the standard information is still missing.
  • Genuineness of Contact Address: the contact details given on the site seems genuine as the physical address is available on Google Maps, as our research for “Is Roollingcart Legit” suggests.
  • Content Originality: The content available on the site seems original. But the type of content listed on the site, household products, and how the shop is defined in the “About Us” section is different.

 The above facts about the site’s legitimacy do not give a clear picture for the final verdict on the question. So let’s explore some other details.

About Roollingcart Store:

It is an e-commerce website which claims to provide trending smart casuals pleasing to every occasion. The shop is known for its stylish and high-quality shirts, which are tailored by keeping customers’ demands in mind.    

Specifications for Roollingcart Reviews:

  • The shop Name: RoollingCart.  
  • URL:
  • Category: Smart Casuals e-Shop.
  • Email:
  • The Domain Created On: the site’s domain was developed on 29 April 2022.
  • Address: 221E Lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43201, USA.
  • Payment Options: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AmEx.
  • Return Policy: the company has given a 45 days window to return the product if not satisfied.
  • Refund Policy: Customers will get a refund only after product inspection.
  • Total Delivery time: 3-7 working days (across the United States) 
  • Shipping policy: Free shipping is available.

Positives of the site for “Is Roollingcart Legit”:

  • All the policy details are well-described.
  • Necessary contact information is available.
  • The payment methods are secure and user-friendly. 
  • The company has given enough time to return the product.

Cons of the site:

  • SSL certificates are suffering from heartbleed vulnerability.
  • The Alexa rank of the site is poor.
  • The shop is new in the market to earn trust.
  • The domain rating of the site is not encouraging.
  • No social media presence.
  • No customer reviews are available.
  • There is a contradiction in the shop’s words and work, found while researching for “Is Roollingcart Legit”.

Customers Reactions:

In today’s highly competitive environment of the e-commerce sector, everyone needs the source of credibility of the particular site. There comes the role of customer reviews which assures other potential customers whether the visited site is worth shopping or not. 

But in the present case of Roollingcart shop, we could not find any words from the customer side. That shows the site lacks customer base and signals toward ill-intention behind the site development. So customers need to be careful. If you want to learn about Credit Card Payment Fraud, read the following data.


To conclude this article on “Is Roollingcart Legit“, however, the details and vision of the company are appealing, which to some extent reflects in its product, the shop does not fulfil some critical criteria of legitimacy. That’s why our stand is not legit. Still, readers’ discretion is advised.

If you find the above details helpful, don’t forget to comment your suggestions and learning. And yes, what is your favorite clothing style? Want to know about the PayPal Scam? Read these facts. To learn more about the importance of online reviews, click here. 

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