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Segwayninebot Online website Reviews

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Are you looking for an online site offering multiple personal transportation products? Are you looking forward to knowing the detailed information about such a site? Then, you have come to the right place. Here, in today’s article, we will discuss one such portal.

Vehicles that are used for personal transportation have very much in demand WorldwideIn Segwayninebot, we get a wide range of products for personal transportation that are very useful for our daily life. Here, we will discuss whether Is Segwayninebot Legit

Is Segwayninebot A Genuine Portal?

  • Registration Date: Segwayninebot, as a portal, registered itself on the virtual world on 18th August 1996. So if we observe the time limit for this portal, we can see that this portal has been working in the market for almost twenty-six years, which is quite long for an online platform.
  • Finishing Date: Segwayninebot will stop its action on 2nd November 2022. So, we can see there is not much time left for Segwayninebot.
  • Alexa Rank: Segwayninebot has got 45704 no position in the list of Alexa.
  • Segwayninebot ReviewsAvailable 
  • Trust Score: Segwayninebot has received 96% points as the trust score, and this kind of score implies important authenticity to any online platform.
  • Contact Address: No such address is available on the portal of Segwayninebot.
  • Details Of the Owner: In Segwayninebot, essential facts related to this portal’s owner have been partially recognized on WHOIS.

From the above description of Segwayninebot, we have understood that many positive data votes for the authenticity of Segwayninebot. But to be thoroughly convinced about it, we need to check the details about the portal, Let us check the details to ensure it Is Segwayninebot Legit.

About Segwayninebot Platform 

Segwayninebot is an enterprise celebrated globally through its personal transportation and robotic service. This company sells its products to eighty countries. The products that we get from here are listed below:

  • Kick scooter
  • Kick scooter for kids
  • Go cart
  • Mecha Kit
  • E moped
  • Loomo
  • Dirt e-bike
  • Other accessories, etc

If we visit the website,, we see a chart of the history of the newly launched products in different years. Now, we will look into the specific details to be clear on Is Segwayninebot Legit.

Specific Details for the Portal

  • Portal Type: Segwayninebot is an online portal that deals with equipment for personal transportation. 
  • Portal Address:
  • Email Id:
  • Contact No: 1(866)473-4929
  • Shipping Policy: There is a bit of delay in the shipping of Segwayninebot for the after-effect of the coronavirus. Segwayninebot currently does shipping its products to the forty-eight states within the continent. 
  • Return And Refund: In Segwayninebot, returning is available within 30 days after fulfilling the given conditions. The advantage of a refund is also available with terms and conditions. 
  • Social Media Connection: Present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Payment Methods – All online methods.

Is Segwayninebot Legit: Positive Points We Observe

  • Segwayninebot is a popular website; we get to know this from our research.
  • Segwayninebot is an old domain that is a positive aspect.
  • Segwayninebot has a valid HTTP protocol that tells that the customer’s data is secure after sharing with this portal.
  • Segwayninebot has obtained 96% as the trust score, which is very good for a portal.
  • Reviews are present for this site, which is also a good thing.

Check The Negative Points

We have not found such major negative issues while investigating the authenticity of Segwayninebot.

What are Segwayninebot Reviews?

While looking at the reviews of Segwayninebot, we get them on the Trust pilot. After observing the reviews, we are slightly disappointed as this portal has only 2.4 ratings out of 5, indicating poor performance.

We notice that 54% of people have voted this portal as bad, and 39% of people have voted this portal as excellent. Customers are complaining about both quality and the customer service provided by Segwayninebot. Refer to today’s article to get your money back from PayPal Scams.

The Last Words

From the above discussion on Is Segwayninebot Legit, we have understood that though it is an authentic portal, customers are not entirely happy with the products or the services that are provided by Segwayninebot, as we come to know after noticing the reviews given in Trust pilot. 

Are you get all the required information about Segwayninebot? Do you have anything more to learn about this portal? Let us know in the comment section. To learn how to protect yourself from Credit Card Scams.

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