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Hello, readers; In this article, we are going to discuss recent facts on a missing complaint of a teenage girl.  

Dear readers, do you know Jennens Brisbane, a fifteen-year-old Australian teenage girl who went missing? The people from Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and India are praying for her well-being, and his father Daryl Jennens, Manager at DMK Forest Products, asked the public to contact him at 0413 511 229 if they get any information about his daughter. 

Who is Jennens?

After May 2022, the girl was out of her parents’ reach, and they received no information about her. She was seen on May 31, 2022, at 7am in Burpengary last time, wearing a grey Nike crew. 

Jennens Missing Brisbane

The girl used to live in Brisbane with her parents. She was 15-year-old. The news about her missing came in the news through a public declaration. And his father has shared it on linkedin. 

However, there is no clear information about how she went outside, and what actually happened because as per reports, she was seen in Burpengary last time, but with whom, and why she preferred to stay away from her parents, is not clear by these reports. 

His father got worried when she didn’t return home, and this news came to the public. Still, there are many unanswered questions about Jennens Brisbane.

Brief about the missing case –

There is a city in Australia called Brisbane. A manager of DMK Products, Brisbane, called for help searching for his daughter through social media because he didn’t hear from her after 31st May. 

The father said sorry for sharing that on LinkedIn because it is a professional platform, but it was a matter of great concern, so he did that. 

According to the media reports, she is not traceable as of now. The family is worried about her safety, that’s why her family members are putting efforts to get Jennens Brisbane back home or find her.

The possible things that can happen in this case: either the teen has some issues in her life or she has been kidnaped on the same day. The kidnappers can contact the parents if they kidnapped her for ransom. But the clear statement is not out yet.


Q.1 Have the parents filed her missing complaint?

A.1 There is no clear information about this, but a missing public declaration is made by the authorities after that. 

Q.2: How can one find her?

A.2: The police can find her after tracing her phone location. 

Conclusion –

The girl Jennens Brisbane was young, and the reason for her missing is not clear. So, the family shall contact the police for help. For more information and places, visit the following link.  

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