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Read about a new Bangladesi website that is telecasting TV serials and includes several general knowledge posts. Read about Kam5o Com.

Kam5o.Com domain has become a popular search Worldwide for URL Kam50.Com. It is a Bangadesi website that is accessible as Kam50.Com in Bangle language. Do you want to know what the purpose of the website is? Do you want to know if it is safe to access Kam5o.Com? Would you like to know if Kam5o.Com is authentic?

Then, let us scrutinize the Kam5o.Com domain to check its content and know if Kam5o Com website is genuine and safe to access.


The owner of Kam5o.Com is Taher Dx, with contact number – (880)131-031-8013 and email – taherdx123@gmail.com. The Kam5o.Com was registered in Bangladesh, launched on 3rd December 2021 and expires on 3rd December 2022.

Kam5o.Com was formed to provide general knowledge related to health and on the topics of making money online. In addition to these two primary goals, the website has come up with posts related to:

  1. Apps Review
  2. Health Tips Bangla
  3. TV Serial the Ei Poth Jodi Na Sesh Hoy
  4. Facebook Tips
  5. Incom Tips Online at Kam50 Com
  6. Indian Serial Drama All Episodes
  7. Love Tips
  8. Bengali General Knowledge
  9. Mann Fagun Serial All Episodes
  10. Sweet Drama Today’s Episode

Further review of Kam5o.Com reveals that it gives open access to read various posts. The privacy policy, declaimer, terms and conditions permit the user to use Kam5o.Com freely and without restrictions. However, several videos are included on Kam5o.Com with limited description and hashtagged with words related to search engines. 

ONLY the TV serials and TV episodes are telecasted on Kam5o.Com. Other than the TV serials, other videos are neither telecasted on Kam5o Com, nor the import button allows you to save such videos on your device. Instead, the video links take you specifically to two other websites – kbm25.com and kbc50.com. 

kbm25.com and kbc50.com websites also host similar posts related to Kam5o.Com and sports content that is not yet included on Kam5o.Com. 

Further analysis shows that users can read the articles posted on Kam5o.Com. Still, the videos on different topics, excluding TV serials, are not working, but they are included on Kam5o.Com to gain users’ attention. When a user clicks on such video links, the Kam5o.Com gets paid per click from kbm25.com and kbc50.com.

How Kam5o Com works?

The technical details of the website show that it has a terrible trust score of 1% and a poor Alexa ranking at 7,105,192. Understandably, Kam5o.Com will require funds to maintain its domain, and NO company-sponsored links were found on Kam5o.Com. Hence, the website follows a vicious circle of getting funds from the pay-per-click module.


Kam5o.Com is a scam as the reviews of website threat profiles, and suspicion profiles showed that it had scored high on sending spam messages, capturing user information and risking the data privacy of its users. We do not recommend Kam5o Com due to the terrible Trust Score and Alexa ranking.

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