Malwarebytes Scam {Aug 2022} Read About It & Beware!

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This article discusses the Malwarebytes Scam and offers other relevant details about it.

Have you encountered any fraud or scam while casually surfing the internet? Scammers and hackers lurk in corners on the internet and fool users who happen to fall for their tricks. 

These scams are often quite damaging to the users and result in data or monetary loss. Malwarebytes Scam is gaining traction because of a related scam. Users in the United States are especially keen on knowing the details about this scam that’s been fooling and tricking users for quite some time. Keep reading this article for more information.

Details about the scam concerning Malwarebytes 

This scam has caused trouble to the company Malwarebytes and its users. However, the company has uncovered the people behind the scam. Let’s look at more details about this scam below.

  • This scam fool users by sending them emails and texts in the name of Malwarebytes or some other known service or brand.
  • This Malwarebytes Scam claimed to be an alert from the company and included fake invoices which are sent to users in the United States and elsewhere.
  • Please note that it’s not the only scam of its kind. Similar scams are abundant on the internet; however, their working is quite similar.
  • Users usually call the number attached to the invoice to dispute this unusually high invoice.
  • Users also occasionally let strangers access their systems remotely to uninstall their products, leading to a breach of privacy. Users may also lose access to their devices.

The Malwarebytes Scam

  • This scam has been active for a long time and has fooled many users.
  • Users who get the invoice call the helpline number mentioned in it. They are asked to grant a technician access to their device to uninstall the system, after which they’ll receive their refund, or their invoice will be canceled.
  • Hackers take this opportunity to gain remote control of the users’ devices and continue to steal data and sensitive information.
  • Hackers also often lock the device and don’t grant access to the user.
  • They also occasionally threaten the users into paying money, warning that their device will be damaged.
  • The Malwarebytes Scam has been traced back to a scammer, and the parties are identified. 
  • Malwarebytes is an app for malware removal and similar services, which makes it an ideal target for scammers. This scam also caused damage to the brand’s image and reputation.

Final Thoughts

Internet scams are a somewhat troubling and pretty common occurrence. A scam concerning Malwarebytes is gaining traction as it’s claimed some victims and gained notoriety. We have mentioned all the relevant details about it above. We advise users to practice safety on the internet to avoid falling prey to schemes like the Malwarebytes Scam. Read more about this scam here.  

Have you encountered any such scams on the internet? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions on this viral scam in the comments. 

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