Nfpnrg Legit or Scam {June 2022} Read The Easy Reviews!

Nfpnrg Online Website Reviews

This summary is a guiding write-up to let you know about the Nfpnrg website and is Nfpnrg Legit or Scam question.

Are you supporting positive changes in society and want to become a changemaker? If so, you must be in search of such a platform. Aren’t you? So, we are here with the United States-based online platform, which provides awareness and works on various projects. 

This website is designed by Marc Greaves, who looks forward to fascinating, informing, and creating understanding with his uprising. You can also participate by subscribing, watching, investing, and contributing to the website. But, is Nfpnrg Legit or ScamLet’s search for the answer below-

Is This Website Real? 

  •  Creation Date- The founder made this website on 14th April 2022 and Thursday midnight. 
  • Expiry Date- It will expire on 14th April 2023. It means that only 10 months are left before the expiration of this platform. 
  • Trust Score- It has a very poor trust score of only 1.
  • Trust Index- It has an excellent trust index that is 100. 
  • Popularity- The popularity of this platform is poor and 0.
  • Connections- It has a valid HTTPS connection found by us. 
  • Nfpnrg Reviews– No information available related to this.
  • Contact Details- Partial details are available on the official website. 
  • Owner’s Details- All the basic information referred to this platform and owner are unavailable on WHOIS. 

All About The Platform-

This forum is an online platform that Marc Greaves designed. He seems quite confident about his website as he wrote there, be careful, I might influence you. His idea behind making this website is to work on different projects based on social causes that can bring changes. 

His most notable projects are to provide free school uniforms and crown MP’s earnings and payments to an acceptable price. But, is Nfpnrg Legit or ScamLet’s check below. So, he is working on incredible ideas, inventions, and potential solutions. 


  • Website-
  • Contact Details- 14053084 is the number given on the official website as a company number. 
  • Address- On the official website, it is given that this website is registered in England & Wales. 
  • Currency Used- The currency used is in pounds. 
  • Founder- Marc Greaves. 
  • Social Media Handles- The website is connected with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok. But, only TikTok is active among them. It is a doubtful point to consider to answer if Nfpnrg Legit or Scam
  • Payment Options- Only the PayPal option is available to donate and contribute. 
  • Subscriptions Details- One can claim the subscription for free or £2 per month. 
  • Membership Details- You can be a member with them by paying £19 per month. 
  • Privacy Specifications- There is a good option available there for the donors to hide their personality if they wish to. 

Pros of This Website-

  • This website has a good trust index. 
  • It has a legalized HTTPS connection and is not detected by any blacklist contraption. 
  • This platform has good and visitor-friendly privacy policies. 

Cons to Decide Whether Is Nfpnrg Legit or Scam

  • It is a very recent domain with a short life yearning. 
  • This website has an unusual and low trust score that is 1. 
  • It has poor popularity and hidden owner details. 
  • The contact details are given partially on the official forum. 
  • The owner is quite inactive on social media platforms. 
  • Payment is restricted to pounds and PayPal method only. 
  • Most importantly, customer reviews aren’t given anywhere regarding this website. 
  • It is confusing and hard to use the website. 
  • This specific forum has had no visitors from April till now. 

What are the Nfpnrg Reviews

Whenever people are confused about a website, reviews play a very important role in the consideration. We always run towards the reviews section whenever we are confused about the website’s legitimacy. 

But what reviews are absent everywhere? So, here’s the same case for Nfpnrg. There’s no impressions category on the official website or the reviews category. Apart from this, there are no reviews on other authentic and prominent websites. 

Moreover, visit this link to see the types of PayPal scams


As a concluding thought, an explanation to Nfpnrg Legit or Scam cannot be answered easily. All the projects on this website haven’t started yet, but the owner is asking for the investments. And the owner is exaggerating his projects even before they start. So, we can’t approve this website to invest in now. 

Moreover, click here to visit a legit project maker’s website. What are your ideas regarding science and technology? Please comment. Besides, click here to understand how to get yourself safe from Credit Card scams.  

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