Poeltl Game Wordle (March 2022) NBA Version Of Wordle!

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The following article gives you detailed information about Poeltl Game Wordle and the news surrounding it.

Do you know about a wordle-like game with different spin-offs? Do you know about Poeltl Game? If your answer is NO, you are at the right place to get the detailed information.

This game is currently trending on the internet. The people Worldwide are searching for it to know what it is actually and how it is similar to or different from the Wordle game. The Poeltl Game Wordle has also been trending on social media. Let us follow up to know the detail.

Why the Game is Trending

It is similar to Wordle and made basketball lovers, especially NBA lovers, excited. Twitter is full of these lovers posting about this game.

Poeltl #29 is also in the news due to its difficulty level, with players finding it difficult to guess the name of the player. Let us elaborate more on the game in the upcoming sections.

About The Poeltl Game Wordle

The game was developed by Twitter user Gabe Danon who tweeted about the game in late February and expected only little response. Though his tweet was retweeted 4000 times, the game was tried by 240000 users within a day.

This NBA player guessing game became a sensation within a day. The game is easy to play. You get 8 chances to guess the name of the NBA player correctly. You will get clues also for your guesses like in Wordle. These clues may be like height, jersey number, age, team, division, conference, etc. 

How to Play Poeltl Game?

  • Go to the official website of the game. 
  • You can see an empty box in the middle, while playing Poeltl Game Wordle.
  • You have to enter the players’ names in this box.
  • You get 8 chances to guess the NBA player’s name correctly.
  • If you get green in any column, it indicates the correct match.
  • If you get yellow for the team column, it reflects that the mystery player played for the team of the player you entered.
  • If you get yellow for the position column, it indicates a partial match with a mystery player.
  • If you get yellow for any other column, it reflects hints like age, year, number.
  • White indicates incorrect guess.
  • If you cannot recall the name of the player, you can try the silhouette model written below.

Poeltl Answer Today

The answer for Poeltl Game Wordle #29, which is available on 25 March 2022, is RICKY RUBIO, while yesterday’s answer was JEFF GREEN.

Users’ Reaction on The Social Media

As per Twitter, the users, especially the NBA lovers, were excited. Some of them claimed the game to be better than Wordle. Some user posted their score on Twitter. 

Nikola Vucevic, Poeltl’s first mystery player, tweeted about the game and called himself a fan. The sharing of scores like the Wordle players was a common trend among Poeltl players.


This game is different when compared to Wordle as it involves correctly guessing NBA players’ names. You must also give it a try to Poeltl Game Wordle to experience it. This game can be interesting to you if you are an NBA fan.

For more details, you can refer to the official website of the game. Please share your views in the comment section.

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