Saiko the Large Family and Its Controversy 

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  • The Saiko family is a group of over twelve relatives from different generations.
  • The movie “Saiko!” was not allowed to be broadcast on any TV channel. Prohibited from appearing on TV screens.

The Large Family is a fascinating documentary that explores the intricate dynamics of a seemingly happy but inherently troubled Japanese family in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The film Canadian filmmaker Veronica Addison closely examines the life of a large family and reveals the struggles and challenges they face.

The Saiko family, a group of over twelve relatives from different generations, is first introduced in the film’s opening scenes. They appear to be an energetic and tightly connected group at first glance, but their underlying problems come to light as the film goes on. 

The Saiko the Large Family Documentary

The film is about a family dealing with significant challenges. Occasionally, the mother’s strict discipline causes physical and emotional harm to her family members. This frustrates the kids, who then revolt against their parents. This film does not hold back when portraying these scenes, making it both captivating and frightening. It also examines the nature of family relationships. 

Grandparents and other people are also present. Every person has their challenges and ways of controlling the other person. It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle of family disputes, with everyone trying to make their mark and establish their authority in the family.

Saiko the Large Family: Wikipedia

Cast Role
Veronica Addison Self
Sayaka Fukita Self

The Canadian film The Large Family explores the daily lives of large Japanese family in 2009. Prohibited from being shown on television.”

Despite appearing to be joyful content, the file has numerous issues like fighting within their family. Because of its realistic look and disturbing components, some people call it a “mockumentary.”

The film was directed by Veronica Addison, who is a Canadian filmmaker. Her reputation lies in creating movies that explore families from various corners of the globe. The family in the film is quite large, though the exact size is unknown. 

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The Controversy about Saiko, the Large Family

The movie “Saiko!” was not allowed to be broadcast on any TV channel. Prohibited from appearing on TV screens. Discussions about “The Large Family” are common. The story focuses on a large Japanese family that seems happy on the outside but deals with many problems.

The film shows arguments among family members and odd things that happen to them. It is set up like a mockumentary, giving the impression of being honest but not really. Its weird and disturbing combination of creepy elements and family tales may frighten some people.

 It is unique among documentaries, so there is a buzz about it.

Thoughts on Reddit about Saiko, the Large Family 

The documentaries “Banned from Broadcast: Saiko!” and “The Large Family” are often discussed by Reddit members. They talk with others about the film and share their thoughts on it. They like how it looks like a real documentary, even though awful events are happening.

Some claim that you could miss important details you must pay attention to to ensure you get everything. Additionally, they talk about videos where people analyze the film to understand it better. Everyone wants to solve the puzzles that the film hides.


The fascinating documentary Large Family digs into the complex dynamics of a seemingly happy but fundamentally unstable Japanese family. A 2009 Canadian film called The Large Family focuses on the daily lives of a large Japanese family.

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