The Best Free Screen Recorder for Making Presentations in 2023

The Best Free Screen Recorder for Making Presentations in 2023

YouTube is currently regarded as the second largest search engine after Google. Over 120 million users visit YouTube every day. People put out countless presentations on YouTube for different purposes. It is the number one site that comes to mind for content creators. 

Do you wish to share presentations from your laptop with your target audience using a reliable screen recorder tool? Then, you can take advantage of our free online screen recorder. This post will show you how to make the best of your presentations with iTop Screen Recorder. 

The Perfect Online Screen Recorder

We now live in an era when people are very impatient online. Online users prefer to achieve their objectives online without registering on the platform or downloading software. If you are one of such people, the iTop online screen recorder is what you need. 

Access to the iTop online recording platform allows users to capture their screens without downloading any software. Capturing your screen with this free screen recording tool is so easy that any Average Joe can do it. 

Doesn’t Cost a Dime

Are you looking for how to record screen on Windows 10? Do you know it is possible to have your Windows 10 screen recorded with iTop Online Recorder? The best part is that you don’t have to pay any money before you can use the platform. 

If you can access the platform on your system, that is all that is needed to commence the recording process. In addition, the free online recorder allows you to access and use iTop’s basic recording features. 

There are a few limitations to the online recorder. But, if you only need to record a short clip for your audience, this might cut it. Otherwise, you have to download and install the iTop premium screen recorder software. 

Screen Capture with Audio

iTop has been a reliable option for those seeking how to record Zoom meeting without permission. This fantastic screen recorder allows users to capture their screen and sound. 

Many screen recorder tools struggle with producing high-quality video and audio output. Most times, they ensure a good-quality image with poor audio output. Thankfully, iTop has made sure users get the best of both worlds. 

This tool also allows you to capture any section of your screen. That way, you do not need to restrict your recording to a particular area of your screen. iTop online screen recorder also provides users the added benefit of saving the recorded video in different formats. 


Quit using screen recording apps for your presentations that cannot assure you of high-quality video and audio outputs. There is no point doing that when you can use our free online screen recorder to have your presentations in the best quality. Not only that but this online platform can also be used for recording zoom meetings. So, what are you waiting for? Use this free platform to record your Windows 10 screen today. 



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